Holy smokes! — How would you like to be £1,000 richer in 2016, without quitting nicotine?

It’s often said that vaping is cheaper than smoking. But we’re going to prove it with, y’know, numbers and stuff.

Some people shop in Morrison’s because it’s cheaper. Some people shop in Waitrose because they are snobs — okay, okay, because they feel that the quality is better. And some people shop at their local farmer’s market because they are into organic rabbit food and stuff. But imagine a magical supermarket that is better, healthier and cheaper. It just doesn’t exist…. or does it?

Vaping is the magical product that is better, healthier and cheaper than the alternative — in this case traditional cigarettes. Its for this reason that we can rank e-cigarettes alongside other game changing businesses of the last five years such as Uber and Airbnb. We’ve covered why e-cigarettes are more enjoyable and healthier in other articles. Today, it’s all about the money.

cost of vaping

How much does smoking cost on average?

Smoking is not only the leading cause of lung cancer, it also costs you a fortune for the privilege. According to ASH, the average smoker in the UK gets through twelve cigarettes each day. That adds up to £1,314 spent on cigarettes every year, according to data from the NHS.

It’s also worth noting that smokers get sick more often than non-smokers, which can mean a reduced pay package if you’re self-employed or freelance. So we know that smoking pretty much sucks from a finance and health perspective… but how does vaping compare?

How much does vaping cost on average?

Ready to save some money?

First-time vapers usually prefer disposable cigarettes that mimic the appearance and effect of traditional cigarettes. We recommend the £17.99 NJOY King Bold flavour for these users, which contains a hefty 30 mg of nicotine. There’s five in a pack and each disposable will last half a day. That means to use NJOY King Bold for eight hours a day, three hundred and sixty-five days a year (a comparable nicotine dosage to what our average smoker gets), you’re looking at spending just £1.79 per day on e-cigarettes, or £656.64 a year. That’s half what the average smoker spends on cigarettes, leaving you £657.36 better off at the end of the year.

With £600 more in the bank, you could be sensible and make those mortgage repayments a little easier… or blow it on the latest iPhone!

Rechargeable e-cigarettes are even better… and even cheaper

But in most cases we wouldn’t suggest that you stick with a disposable e-cig for an entire year. The benefits of vaping multiply once you move onto a better product, such as the Kangertech Nebox Starter Kit. Kangertech is a quality brand that changed the face of vaping forever when they released their box mod — a device which looks less like a cigarette and more like a box. Box mods aren’t disposable, instead you fill them up with e-liquid when they run dry. Not only that, but the experience of vaping is much more enjoyable with a box mod and you can choose from a range of different flavours. Better still, vapers that use box mods are more likely to quit cigarettes for good than those who use disposables.

A Nebox costs £58.99 and you’ll also have to buy a 18650 battery for £8.99, so your initial investment is higher. Once you’ve paid that, you’ll also need some e-liquid. The amount of e-liquid that you’ll need varies massively depending on what hardware you have and how much you vape, but we find most twelve cigarettes a day smokers will get through 10ml of e-liquid in a week. Most of our 10ml bottles of e-liquid cost £3.99, such as this new Brighton Rock flavour from Hoxton. So an average box mod user spends £58.99 on his initial mod, £17.00 on batteries (they have to be replaced every six months) and £207.48 on e-liquid each year. As well as £9.99 for some new coils, we’re looking at a total yearly spend of £293.46. That’s a saving of £1,030.54 compared to cigarettes on your first year of vaping alone — and your box mod should last for at least a few years.

So there you have it, not only do you get better lungs and a better vape, but you also get £1,000!  A grand is enough to pay for a two-week holiday or a new car. Over the next ten to twenty years, that adds up to £10 -20,000, enough to put a deposit down on a new home, simply for switching to a better product. Vape for a few years and you’ll notice a substantial increase in your financial health as well as your actual health!

What are you going to do with your extra £1,000 in 2016?


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