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man in a sky blue polo talking to the sales lady inside an electronic cigarette store 16/04/2018

How British Vape Shops Are Helping to Stub Out Smoking

Our vape shops do more than just sell vaping gear. It turns out that all those vape shops you see popping up all over the place are not just selling e-cigarettes and thousands of e-liquids, but are acting as a sort of one-stop support shop for people desperately trying to quit smoking. That’s according to new research from the University of East Anglia, which we’ll get to in a moment. First, to get an idea of smoking’s hold over people, it’s worthwhile knowing that, on average, it can take up... Read More

supporters of VPpril holding a streamer saying the "Take the #VAprilChallenge" 10/04/2018

VApril Is Here — and Electric Tobacconist Is Proud to Support It

It’s time to get out and shout about the huge benefits of vaping over smoking! It’s vaping month all over the UK in April, as the country has its first ever vaping awareness and education campaign, designed to help get people off cigarettes and keep them that way. Here at Electric Tobacconist, we’re thrilled to see this happening and we support all efforts to stub out deadly smoking for good. VApril, a combination of “vaping” and “April” is, the brainchild of one of the country’s main representative bodies, the UK... Read More

Modern vaporiser versus old tobacco cigarette in smoke cloud 09/04/2018

From UK Prisons to Hospitals, Vaping Is Kicking Smoking’s Butt

We are heading towards a smoke-free UK — and e-cigarettes are at the forefront of efforts. It’s official: smoking is being stubbed out all over the UK. Rates of smoking are down to a record low, as more people find ways of successfully ditching tobacco for good, including with electronic cigarettes. Even the country’s prisons and hospitals are now recording stop-smoking success with cessation methods like vaping and saying goodbye to tobacco for good. One such jail is in the Isle of Man. The detention facility with a capacity of... Read More

blonde young lady in a spring outfit, smoking a pink colored vape kit 02/04/2018

Put a Spring in Your Step with Vaping over Smoking

It’s time to come out of winter hibernation and start living life to the full again, with your trusty vape kit by your side.     After a long, dreary and bitter winter, spring has finally arrived. All over the UK, people are casting off their layers of clothing and getting out and about as the weather finally starts to warm up. It’s a time of heightened outdoor activities and also to a chance to rid the months of hibernation and excess by getting fit and healthy for the summer... Read More

Guy smokes a cigarette outside, portrait, close-up 26/03/2018

Boost for E-Cigs as Research Shows Just One Cigarette a Day ‘Harmful’

There’s no escaping the fact that smoking at any level is bad for you, but e-cigs can help kick the habit. There is stark news for anyone who thinks the odd cigarette is no harm and just helps them relax at the end of a day. Perhaps, somebody may just have one cigarette to enjoy themselves all the more down at the pub on a Saturday night. They’re not regular smokers and are definitely not hooked — so how bad can a casual cigarette be? Very, according to the results... Read More

young man crushing cigarette.concept for breaking and quit cigarette for health 19/03/2018

Best Apps to Help Quit Smoking (with Electronic Cigarettes)

Electronic cigarettes are helping people to get off deadly tobacco — and stop-smoking apps are assisting, too. No app is surely more important than one that might potentially save your life. For smokers and those around them inhaling their harmful fumes, the risks are all too real: a downward health spiral, tobacco-related diseases and even death. This is not just a slight chance of this happening, as over 100,000 smokers and people who inhaled secondhand smoke die in the UK each year from the toxic chemicals in cigarette smoke that... Read More

Myths or facts about electronic cigarette, conceptual image. 12/03/2018

5 Myths About Vaping You Probably Believe

At Electric Tobacconist, we’re all about vaping. But at the same time, we know this is still a relatively new activity, so there still exists a great deal of misinformation or outright lack of knowledge about using e-cigarettes and other vaping devices. Along with this comes a tidal wave of myths about vaping that can be all too easy to believe. With this blog, we want to set the record straight. We’re going to separate fact from fiction and give you the solid and reliable information you need to make... Read More

The new technology cigarette, hybrid cigarette, heatsticks, tobacco, new device 05/03/2018

Is Heated Tobacco Trying to Muscle in on E-Cigarettes?

The soaring popularity of e-cigarettes is attracting Big Tobacco’s attention. Giant tobacco companies are in a panic. There’s no doubt about it. These multibillion-pound enterprises that ruled the world and hoovered up enormous revenues from people around the globe who were hooked on their products are seeing their once-thriving markets dry up. We have indeed come a long way from the glorification of smoking to the realisation that it is deadly and the single largest cause of preventable death around the globe. In January, we had the shock announcement that... Read More

Closeup portrait clueless senior health care professional doctor with stethoscope, has no answer, doesn't know right diagnosis standing in hospital hallway isolated clinic office windows background. 23/02/2018

2-Year Study on Electronic Cigarettes Finds No Harm Done

More thumbs up for electronic cigarettes after an extensive clinical trial. The question of whether electronic cigarettes are as harmful as traditional tobacco cigarettes has again been answered — and with a resounding “no”. We are now fast reaching the stage where there is conclusive evidence from a variety of high-placed medical and research bodies that vaping causes little or no harm to human health. This latest conclusion that electronic cigarettes are safe to use comes in the form of a clinical trial that was carried out over a two-year... Read More


Imperial Tobacco Buys Von Erl and Develops myblu

Big Tobacco takes another dip into the thriving business of vaping, scooping up Von Erl and developing myblu. Leading Austrian vaping manufacturer Von Erl has been bought out by British cigarette heavyweight Imperial Tobacco, in another firm indication that Big Tobacco is moving towards electronic cigarettes as more people quit smoking — and are using vaping as a way to effectively do so. According to our information, Imperial will be launching the popular and stylish My. Von Erl pod mod as “myblu“, and here at Electric Tobacconist UK, we are... Read More