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What is a Box Mod:

Box Mod is a regulated box-shaped e-cigarette device which typically uses one or two li-ion batteries and a chip to regulate voltage. The Box Mod is fast-becoming the most popular type of advanced personal vapourizer, with some dubbing them the 'smartphone' of the industry. 

The Box Mod traditionally delivered the same power as regular 'pen' (aka eGo) kits, (albeit with vastly superior battery life), but in recent times the power output of these devices far outstrips anything a regular e-cigarette can offer. 

E-Cig Mods:

A vape mod is a modified version of an e-cigarette. Usually this refers to the hardware, but you can also get mod clearomizers. This category refers to just the mod hardware (ie the kits).

Why buy a Vape Mod?

The Mod originally came into being as an alternative to cigarette-style ecigs. These smaller style vapourizers (also known as cigalikes or 'Generation 1 Ecigs') did a job up to a point, but users found themselves wanting longer battery life, larger vapour production and an overall greater performance. This is where vaping mods came in. 

Basically, the first e-cig mods were home-made by vaping enthusiasts, and came in all shapes and sizes, but generally much bigger than the cigarette-style batteries. Noticing the trend, some of the larger e-cigarette manufacturers began producing safer (ie non-home-made) versions of the mod, many of which have become household names within the e-cigarette community.

Types of Box Mod and Mod:

As you can imagine, from a trend which was born from a home-made approach, there are many, many different types of box mod. The general themes and styles are almost limitless. However, the vape mod category is generally split into two types: mechanical mods and advanced personal vapourizers. Once again, each of these two categories usually comes in two types: box mods, or tube-style mods.

Here you can find the latest box mods such as the Smok Alien and the Innokin Cool Fire range.

Our Box Mod range comes with warranties of up to six months* and comes with free UK delivery when you spend over £10. 

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