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E-Liquid by FAR

Modern and simple branding with a graffiti theme, FAR E-Liquids by Element is an innovative premium line of bold, sophisticated and original e-liquids.

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    E-Liquid by FAR

    About FAR E-Liquids

    FAR E-Liquids is a premium 75% VG e-juice line from Element. With a recognisable brand behind them and flavours which speak for themselves, FAR E-Liquids are a popular choice for all sorts vapers. The combination of high VG and relatively low nicotine means FAR liquids are ideal for producing huge, dense clouds. They are ideal for use with drippers and sub-ohm hardware.

    Explore the FAR E-Liquid Range

    The FAR E-Liquid collection incorporates fun and original flavours which combine classic fruit flavours and many more exciting characteristics. The flavours include:

    Candy Punch: like a candy necklace, Candy Punch is rich in rainbow sweetie flavours, with sweetened fruit and juiciness.

    Grape Vape: taking the humble grape to new levels of sophistication, Grape Vape offers up not one, not two, but three complementary grape flavours. Enjoy a medley of Concord, Red Globe and Ruby grapes.

    Strawberry Cupcake: with soft and fluffy vanilla cupcake notes blending with pink velvet frosting, this super-sweet liquid has a gentle strawberry aftertaste.

    Neon Green Slushie: with a zesty flavour that is as packed full of flavour as a retro slushie drink/ A mouth-watering one of a kind creation packed with fizzing lime and citrus notes.

    Pineapple Bliss: unique and tropical, this exotic liquid has the authentic flavour of ripe pineapples blended with mango and fresh berries.

    In addition to the FAR E-Liquid variety available from Elemental, The Electric Tobacconist® stocks hundreds of other high-quality e-liquids including Clown Liquids and Element’s Tonix range.

    What do the Fans Say?

    The style and branding of FAR E-Liquids initially grabs the attention of buyers and then the flavours prove just what a quality product this is. The designer glass bottles are a great perk, and the strength of the flavours ensures they are firm favourites very quickly. The range of flavours leaves some vapers spoilt for choice while others very quickly find a new favourite all-day vape.

    Is FAR the E-Liquid for You?

    FAR E-Liquids are formulated using a high level of VG and a lower level of nicotine to deliver fantastic smoothness and those vast, dense clouds already mentioned. Each FAR E-Liquid is made using the highest quality ingredients, and all liquids are diacetyl free. The flavour profiles of each liquid give plenty of choice for people with different tastes, and if you like a strong, smooth vape with plenty of flavour and originality, FAR e-Liquids are an excellent choice.

    Far E-Liquids at The Electric Tobacconist®

    You can explore our full range of Far E-Liquids at The Electric Tobacconist®. Remember you can enjoy FREE UK delivery on all orders over £10 or more and we accept all major credit card brands and also PayPal. You can also enjoy three individual Far E-Liquids for £25 in our current promotion.