Hyppe Disposables

Hyppe is an international vape brand specialising in disposables, with product ranges in both the UK and USA. Explore the esteemed Hyppe MAXX range below!

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About Hyppe

Hyppe have created several different disposable vapes where design, battery life and e-liquid capacity are all on the table for tweaks and enhancements. The Hyppe Maxx range is a recent addition and boasts a powerful battery and sleek disposable bar inspired design.

Like other vape brands known for their ingenuity, you can rely on Hyppe for quality hardware thanks to repeated research and design work to ensure all new releases are the best they can be.

Hyppe MAXX Specifications

Hyppe Maxx bars are built to last, with a powerful 500mAh internal battery powering each device from the first puff to the last. You can expect anywhere between 500-600 puffs per disposable, depending on the length and frequency of your draw. Each Maxx device is filled with 2ml of deliciously flavoured hybrid nic e-liquid. Hybrid nicotine is a modern alternative to both nicotine salts and freebase; instead, it combines both via a careful ratio that enhances throat hit and speeds up nicotine delivery to your system for extra satisfaction from every puff.

Hyppe MAXX disposables are MHRA approved and comply with TPD guidelines.

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Ready to try Hyppe Maxx and see what all the hype is about? We've got the full range available with exclusive mix and match deals that you won't find elsewhere. Any order totalling £20 or more qualifies for free shipping in the UK via our speedy Royal Mail First Class service!

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