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Stoptober 2018

Stoptober 2018

If you stop smoking for four weeks, you’re 5 times more likely to quit permanently. This October, switch to vaping for Stoptober and kick the habit for good!

Smoking is the biggest avoidable cause of cancer globally, and is responsible for over a quarter of cancer deaths in the United Kingdom. Aside from the cancer risk, tobacco use is behind tens of thousands of deaths from other conditions; on average, smokers lose roughly ten years of life compared to non-smokers. Quitting has a positive huge impact on your health whatever your age, and can even bring your life expectancy back to the level of a non-smoker’s: what better opportunity than Stoptober 2018 to give up smoking?

You can find all sorts of great deals in our Stoptober sale - pick up a vape starter kit, make the switch to vaping today and say goodbye to cigarettes forever!