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This is me: I want to try an e-cig which uses e-liquid

People often move onto this type of e-cig once they have tried ones which look like traditional cigarettes first. The transition usually occurs when they realise they could get a longer battery life and more variety of flavours from the e-liquid models.
Our range is called the "E-liquid Starter Kits" range (click here to be taken to it) and has everything from the entry-level kit, to more advanced products such as the Innokin iTaste CLK 16D Starter Kit which allows you to vary the heat at which your vapour is produced by adjusting the variable voltage dial.
Advantages of the e-liquid e-cigarette kits are as follows:
● Thousands of liquid flavours. Our range is vast (and ever expanding), so you are not restricted to cartomizer flavours which tend to result in far less choice.
● Much less time spent charging your ecig: with e-cigs which look like cigarettes, the battery is very small (usually around 180mAh), but these e-liquid ecigs have batteries starting at 650mAh and rising to over 1100mAh, meaning you can sometimes get up to two days worth of vaping before you need to recharge (depending on use, naturally).
● More flavour, more vapour: e-liquid is known to produce more vapour and better flavour than a traditional cartomizer.
● Cheaper running costs: refilling with e-liquid is far cheaper than using cartomizers, and the upkeep of the ecig itself is minimal, in that you'll only need to change your clearomizer (chamber which houses the e-liquid) every two to four months or so, unless your clearomizer features a replaceable coil head in which case the clearomizer will last even longer, as you can swap it out with a fresh one when it burns out. Click here for our replacement coil head range.