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Re-discover a classic or find your new favourite with Urban Chase, a UK-made e-liquid range that offers quality, affordability and, above all else, great flavour.

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About Urban Chase E-Liquid

Urban Chase e-liquids are made in the UK by TECC, an industry veteran with more than 10 years of experience in crafting and brewing great flavours. The Urban Chase range is designed specifically for mouth-to-lung vapers, who typically opt for classic and innocuous flavours, to push the boat out with new and exciting flavour blends for a novel vaping experience.

The Urban Chase Flavour Range

The Urban Chase range boasts a selection of flavours ranging from classic and cool to fruity and adventurous. These e-liquids are made with a 50/50 PG/VG blend, making them widely compatible with most vape kits. Noteworthy flavours include:

Ultimate Menthol: an intensely cool and refreshing blend of menthol and mint extracts.

Fruit Blast: three carefully balanced fruit flavours, ranging from forest berries to tropical pineapple, combine to form an invigorating taste.

Urban Tobacco: a staple of the Urban Chase range, featuring an enhanced blend of premium tobacco flavour notes.

Why Choose Urban Chase?

Urban Chase caters to 'classic' vapers who prefer a freebase nicotine formula over nicotine salts, a modern formula used to reduce throat hit and accelerate nicotine delivery. Freebase nic is often preferred by users who enjoy a more defined throat sensation. The Urban Chase flavour range pairs perfectly with this formula through the reinvention of classic tobacco, menthol and fruit flavour blends.

Urban Chase at Electric Tobacconist UK

Explore the esteemed Urban Chase vape range and shop with peace of mind at Electric Tobacconist. As your reliable online retailer, we take pride in our delivery times, unbeatable pricing and excellent customer service.

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