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Vaping Rocks

Vaping Rocks! And no one knows this better than the Electric Tobacconist UK team!

We sell ecigs from under a fiver to suit all needs. From beginners to advanced, we have something for everyone!

Vaping is becoming more and more popular year on year and it’s easy to see why. With many benefits and lots of different hardware and e-liquid options, it’s pretty obvious vaping rocks and anyone who hasn’t considered switching from traditional cigarettes to e-cigarettes is missing out on a whole world of opportunity and flavour.

E-cigarettes were first invented in China in 2003 and there are believed to be around 2.1 million vapers in the UK, with many more around the world. The various styles of e-cigarette and many different e-liquid flavours makes them particularly popular and more versatile than traditional cigarettes. At The Electric Tobacconist we are proud to offer a diverse range of different e-cig kits, starting from just £3.99, and all deliveries over £10 come with free UK delivery. If you’re not convinced, here’s a closer look at exactly why vaping rocks.

Vaping Rocks for Safety

In comparison to traditional smoking, e-cigarettes are a much safer bet. Smoking cigarettes is impossible without ignition and fire, which is naturally high risk. Vaping involves no combustion or fire at all and whilst battery safety should not be underestimated, the risks are lower than lighters and combustion. Vapers benefit from a much lower risk of accidental combustion.

Vaping Rocks for Cost

In 2015 smoking 20 cigarettes a day would result in an annual cost of around £3000[1] and vaping costs are nowhere near this level. With the cost of cigarettes rising the average smoker probably spends more than £3000 a year now but vapers can get their first e-cig kit from The Electric Tobacconist from as little as £3.99. Once you have invested in your chosen e-cigarette kit, additional costs are minimal, with the need to purchase e-liquids, cartomizers or whatever kind of refill your e-cig takes.

Vaping Rocks for Choice

Vaping rocks because you can enjoy many more flavours than just tobacco and menthol. Creative and inventive, e-liquid producers have developed thousands of different flavours. From sugary sweet fruit e-liquids to cereal and baked goods-based e-liquids, there is practically every kind of flavour you could imagine. As well as different e-liquid flavours, you can also choose from different e-cigarette kits, from cig-a-like designs to customisable box mods and ‘squonk box’ style kits.

The Electric Tobacconist specialises in showing each and every one of our customers just how much vaping rocks and our diverse range of e-cig kits, e-liquids and more is ideal for first-time and experienced vapers.