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Vapouriz Fuse Kit Instructions/Troubleshooting

If you are experiencing difficulties with your Vapouriz Fuse Kit, please check our starter kit check list, to see if you can resolve the problem (click here)

General Vapouriz Fuse FAQs

What type of refill can I use to fill up my Vapouriz Fuse?

You can use any one of our e-liquids range, but you cannot use cartomizers.

How do I fill up my Vapouriz Fuse Clearomizer?

The Vapouriz Fuse has a 'bottom fill' clearomizer tank, so needs to be filled by turning the clearomizer upside down, unscrewing the base and filling down the side walls. Be careful not to pour any liquid into the centre pipe and do not fill up past the top of this pipe.

The Vapouriz Tank is the same as above, but is filled from the top (by unscrewing the mouth piece) as opposed to the bottom.

My Vapouriz Fuse Kit was working and has now stopped working, but the battery button still lights up

If the battery is still working you'll need a new coil for your clearomizer (the chamber which holds your e-liquid). These usually last between two to eight weeks before they burn out and cease to work.

We recommend you buy a new coil pack for your clearomizer - you can get them here.

My Vapouriz Fuse Kit is starting to taste a bit burnt

Your clearomizer may have 'burnt out' (see above)

How do I assemble the Vapouriz Fuse?

Click here to watch Vapouriz Tank Kit assembly video