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VIP Photon Express Instructions/Troubleshooting

If you are experiencing difficulties with your VIP Photon Kit, please check our starter kit check list, to see if you can resolve the problem (click here)

General VIP Photon FAQs

How do I turn it on?

To turn the battery on click the button five times quickly (within two seconds). The battery button should blink 3 times and when being pressed it should light up.

What type of refill can I use to fill up my VIP Photon Kit?

You can use any one of our e-liquids range, but you cannot use cartomizers.

My Photon E-Cigarette is starting to taste a bit burnt

You may need a new clearomiser. Click here for more information on clearomizer lifespans and what to do when yours has reached the end of its life.

What do the various colours mean on the battery button?

Battery Status:
● Battery voltage ≤ 3.5V, Red Led light

● 3.5V < Battery voltage < 3.8V, Blue Led light

● Battery voltage ≥ 3.8V, White led light
10 seconds cut-off

The battery will shut down and the LED will flash 8 times after you hold the button more than 10 seconds

Low voltage warning

When the battery voltage drops below 3.2v, the battery will shut down and the Red LED light will flash 10 times

Over-charge protection

When the battery voltage reaches 4.15v, the White LED will flash 20 times and the device will stop charging

Short Circuit protection

When atomizer short circuit happens, the battery will shut down to avoid damage, the White, Blue and Red LED light will flash 3 times together

USB Connection

When the battery is connected to the USB charger, the LED flashes 3 times and starts charging.

When the battery is removed from USB charger, the LED flashes 3 times which indicates it’s ready to use.