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Are Cigalikes Still Relevant?

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Cigalikes are electronic cigarettes that are designed to look and feel like traditional tobacco cigarettes. They consist of a rechargeable battery and a prefilled cartridge that contains e-liquid and a heating element. Cigalikes are activated by inhaling, which mimics the action of smoking. The e-liquid is vaporised and delivers nicotine and flavour to the user. Cigalikes also have an LED tip that glows when in use, resembling the burning end of a cigarette.

Cigalikes were among the first types of e-cigarettes to be introduced to the market, dating back to the early 2000s. They were invented by Hon Lik, a Chinese pharmacist who wanted to quit smoking after his father died of lung cancer. Hon Lik patented his invention in 2003 and launched it in China in 2004. The product soon spread to other countries, such as the UK, where it gained popularity among smokers who wanted to switch to a less harmful alternative.


Advantages of Cigalikes

Cigalikes have several advantages that make them appealing to some users, such as:


Cigalikes are very easy to use, with no need to adjust any settings, refill any tanks, or replace any coils. They are ready to use out of the box, and only require charging and changing the cartridges when they run out of e-liquid or battery power. Cigalikes are also easy to maintain, with no need to clean any parts or troubleshoot any issues.


Cigalikes closely resemble the appearance, feel, and taste of tobacco cigarettes, which makes them more comfortable and satisfying for some smokers who want to quit or reduce their smoking. Cigalikes also provide a similar throat hit and nicotine delivery as cigarettes, which helps to curb the cravings and nicotine withdrawal symptoms. Cigalikes also fit in well with the social and psychological aspects of smoking, such as holding, puffing, and exhaling.


Cigalikes are very small and light, which makes them convenient to carry around and use anywhere. They can easily fit in pockets, purses, or cases, and do not attract much attention or scrutiny from others. Cigalikes also have a long battery life and a high e-liquid capacity, which means they can last for a long time without needing to be recharged or refilled.

Drawbacks of Cigalikes

Cigalikes also have some drawbacks that limit their appeal to some users, such as:


Cigalikes have a relatively low power output and a fixed airflow, which means they produce less vapour and flavour than other types of e-cigarettes. Cigalikes also have a limited range of e-liquid flavours and nicotine strengths, which may not suit the preferences of some users. They tend to have a shorter lifespan than other types of e-cigarettes, which means they may need to be replaced more often. 


Cigalikes may seem cheaper than other types of e-cigarettes at first, but they can actually be more expensive in the long run. This is because the cartridges are not refillable and need to be bought regularly, which adds up to the cost over time. Cigalikes also have proprietary batteries and chargers, which means they are not compatible with other types of e-cigarettes and accessories. However, cigalikes are still cost-effective in comparison to the price of cigarettes.


Cigalikes have not changed much since their inception, and have been overtaken by other types of e-cigarettes that offer more features and customisation options. These include refillable pod vapes, vape pens, box mods, and sub-ohm tanks, which allow users to finetune their vaping experience according to their needs and preferences. These types of e-cigarettes also offer more variety and quality in terms of e-liquid flavours, nicotine strengths, vapour production, and battery life. On the other hand, because of the lack of customisation options, this aspect of cigalikes can still appeal to users who seek a user-friendly device that doesn't require too much fiddling around with.

Who is Still Using Cigalikes

So, are cigalikes still relevant in the UK vaping industry, especially after the emergence of other devices such as the Elf Bar and the Gold Bar? The answer is yes, but only for a specific segment of users. Cigalikes are still popular among older and more conservative vapers, who prefer a simple and familiar device that resembles a cigarette. These users may have started vaping when cigalikes were the only option available, and have stuck with them ever since. They may also be reluctant or resistant to try new and different devices, either because they are satisfied with their current device, or because they are intimidated or overwhelmed by the complexity and diversity of the vaping market.

However, cigalikes are not very appealing to younger and more adventurous vapers, who seek a more satisfying and enjoyable vaping experience. These users may have started vaping with more advanced and innovative devices, and have never used or considered using cigalikes. They may also be curious and eager to try new and different devices, either because they are dissatisfied with their current device, or because they are attracted and intrigued by the novelty and variety of the vaping market.

Therefore, cigalikes are still relevant, but only for a certain demographic. They are not likely to disappear anytime soon, but they are also not likely to grow or expand much either. They will continue to coexist with other types of vape kits, catering to many types of users with different needs and preferences.

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