Dinner Lady Vape

One of the best-known UK e-liquid brands, Dinner Lady Vape are popular for their creative, authentic flavours. Shop the range:

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About Dinner Lady Vape E-Liquid

One of the most exciting brands on the market, Dinner Lady e-liquid has been recognised for their originality and innovation many times since their launch. A UK-based company, they picked up the Best Stand Award at the 2016 Vaper Expo in Birmingham and their small but perfectly formulated range of sweet and nostalgic e-liquids doesn’t disappoint. Following on from their early success, Dinner Lady continue to release outstanding e-liquids, often with a classically British feel.

Dinner Lady Vape is a brand committed to the best possible flavours using the finest possible ingredients. There is a purity about their flavours which makes them popular and has seen both seasoned veteran vapers and complete newbies fall for their range.

Dinner lady also offer a range of nicotine salt liquids for those who want a bit more of a kick from their vape. For even more convenience, most of the Dinner Lady range is available as a standalone disposable. The all-in-one vape kits come pre-charged and pre-filled with premium Dinner Lady flavours, ready to use straight out of the box!

Explore the Dinner Lady E-Liquid Range

The Dinner Lady E-Liquid range is one of the smaller ones out there but continues to grow. Each flavour is fantastic and rich in original ingredients and characteristics. The range includes:

Dinner Lady Lemon Tart: a little more than your average lemon vape, this e-liquid replicates an authentic lemon meringue pie with all the elements captured.

Dinner Lady Caramel Tobacco: replicating a true classic, this e-liquid has that authentic and smooth tobacco flavour with a splodge of sweet caramel bringing it to life.

Dinner Lady Apple Sours: a warming blend of crisp apples and delicious sugar dusting, followed up with a touch of sweet and sour notes that offer a lip-smacking kick. 

Dinner Lady Vape have recently released a range of short fill liquids; just drop in a nicotine shot and mix thoroughly for 60ml of your favourite Dinner Lady vape liquid!

If complex and original e-liquids are your thing then please do check out some of other collections including our KiK e-liquid and VIP vape juice ranges, or try one of Dinner Lady's disposable e-cigarettes!

What do the Fans Say about Dinner Lady Vape?

Fans of Dinner Lady vape liquids come from all over the country and further afield as the brand gains notoriety for its innovative and authentic flavours. Capturing the essence of a range of retro desserts in a bright and vibrant way, fans of the range love the intensity of the flavours, the smoothness of the liquids and the complexity in each bottle, ensuring no flavour is too overpowering.

Dinner Lady E-Liquid at The Electric Tobacconist

The Electric Tobacconist vape shop offers a wide range of Dinner Lady e-liquids. You can also enjoy FREE UK delivery on any orders over £20, and we accept all major credit card brands as well as PayPal for your convenience.

Common Questions

Does Dinner Lady Juice Kill Coils?

Not inherently. All new coils require priming with your e-liquid before use to help saturate the coil and avoid dry hits and a burnt taste. If you do not implement this process in your vaping journey, your coil can die regardless of the type of juice you use.

It is also true that darker and sweeter e-liquids can burn out your coil faster; therefore, we suggest using menthol flavours or clear e-liquids to ensure you get the most out of your coil.

Is Dinner Lady Vape Juice Regulated?

Like the rest of the products featured on our website, Dinner Lady adheres to the TPD laws and is, therefore, regulated.

How To Open Dinner Lady Vape Juice?

Similar to other e-liquid bottles, Dinner Lady juice bottles utilise a childproof cap that requires you to push down and twist to open the bottle. However, Dinner Lady uses slightly different materials for their e-liquid bottles that allow users to grip them securely, which aids in opening the juices more easily.