VEEV offers a convenient alternative to traditional vape kits and is suited to ex-smokers familiarising themselves with the basics of vaping. Available in 9 exquisite flavours, VEEV disposables appeal to those who enjoy a more authentic experience.

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About VEEV

Brought to us by the makers of IQOS, VEEV is a disposable vape brand focussing on satisfying single-use devices. Designed with user-friendliness in mind, almost no assembly is required to get started with a VEEV vape device: remove the packaging and protective seals and inhale from the mouthpiece to activate your device. Thanks to this, on-the-go vaping has never been more within reach!

The initial product in the VEEV vape range is the VEEV NOW device. Each device houses 2ml of e-liquid formulated with nicotine salts, resulting in a smoother draw and a fast-acting rush that mimics the sensation of a traditional cigarette. With many flavours to choose from, there's a VEEV NOW that caters to all tastes and preferences!

VEEV NOW Flavours

With nine various flavour options, the VEEV NOW disposable vape is a suitable starting place for your vaping experience. The collection includes the following flavour profiles:

Blue Mint - Berry, cooling

Blue Raspberry - Berry, exotic

Blueberry - Berry, exotic

Classic Tobacco - Toasted tobacco

Mango - Exotic, fruit

Melon Coconut - Fruit, exotic

Peach - Fruit, exotic, cooling

Strawberry - Berry, exotic

Watermelon - Fruit, exotic, cooling

VEEV at The Electric Tobacconist UK

Browse the VEEV NOW disposable vape collection with exclusive multi-buy deals at The Electric Tobacconist. All payment methods, including PayPal and AMEX, are accepted, and you can become eligible for free UK delivery with Royal Mail by totalling your order to £20 or more.