High VG Vape Juice

If you’re looking for a smooth and satisfying vape experience, you’ll love our high VG vape juice. High VG e-liquids contain more vegetable glycerin (VG) than propylene glycol (PG), which means they produce thicker and denser clouds of vapour. They also have a sweeter taste and a smoother throat hit than high PG e-liquids. Whether you prefer fruity, menthol, dessert, or tobacco flavours, we have a high VG e-liquid for you. Our high VG e-liquids are compatible with sub-ohm devices, which can handle the high power and viscosity of these e-liquids. You can choose from different nicotine strengths and bottle sizes to suit your preferences. Shop our high VG e-liquids today and enjoy the ultimate vaping experience.

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About High VG Vape Juice

VG e-liquids have rapidly grown in popularity as more vapers switch to sub-ohm kits. VG stands for vegetable glycerine and it is one of the five key components of any e-liquid. VG is combined with PG (propylene glycol) to create your e-liquid base and tailoring the ratio of VG to PG is key to finding your perfect vape.
Vegetable glycerine is a natural chemical which comes from plant oils. It is colourless and odourless and fully soluble in water. It is used widely in food production for many purposes from sweetening to thickening.

Vaping with High VG Vape Juice

VG is a thicker substance than PG and this makes a smoother, denser and creamier vaping experience. The thicker sensation of VG e-liquid means there is less of a cigarette-like throat hit and more smoothness as the vapour hits the throat. VG has a marginally sweeter natural flavour than PG which some vapers prefer too. High VG liquids require specific kits to be vaped properly so look out for sub-ohm kits to ensure you have the right apparatus for your perfect vape.
High VG vape juice also suits cloud chasers and anybody looking for maximum cloud and vapour production. The denser consistency of VG liquid means thicker plumes and bigger clouds with almost every vape.
The producers of high VG vape juices get particularly creative with their flavours. Of course there are plenty of tobacco and menthol VG liquid options but there are also some more off the wall flavours. 

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