One of the world's leading vape brands, Innokin are a Chinese company known for their outstanding hardware, including box mods, tanks and coils, and their technological innovation. Shop the range below:

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Endura Prism T18E Coils
InnokinEndura Prism T18E Coils
5-Pack | For Innokin Endura T18E, T18 II, T18X & T22E
Z Coils
InnokinZ Coils
5-Pack | Also known as Zenith Coils
5 Packs for £25
Tangerine Klypse Zip Pods
InnokinTangerine Klypse Zip Pods
2-Pack | For Klypse Devices
5 Packs for £25
Peach Ice Klypse Zip Pods
InnokinPeach Ice Klypse Zip Pods
2-Pack | For Klypse Devices
5 Packs for £25
Lemon Tart Klypse Zip Pods
InnokinLemon Tart Klypse Zip Pods
2-Pack | For Klypse Devices
5 Packs for £25
Bull Ice Klypse Zip Pods
InnokinBull Ice Klypse Zip Pods
2-Pack | For Klypse Devices
Klypse Refillable Pods
InnokinKlypse Refillable Pods
3-Pack | For Innokin Klypse Kits

About Innokin:

Innokin is a pioneering Chinese electronic cigarette company based in Shenzhen. It is famous for introducing the world to the concept of e-cigarettes which can be switched off, battery level monitors and 'tank' technology. These are all industry standard now thanks to Innokin.

Innokin in 2021 and beyond...

Initially known for its award-winning iTaste range, Innokin has since gone on to produce more block-busting starter kits and hardware such as their popular range of vape pens, which includes the incredible Endura T18 X and Innokin Endura Apex, and a collection of excellent pod-style devices for those who enjoy convenience and portability.

The Innokin range has continued to expand over the years to also include a range of tanks, accessories, and devices. Their vape kits come in all shapes and sizes.

We stock a huge range of Innokin products and have everything you could possibly need for your device, be it coils, tank glasses or pods!

Innokin Technology:

Innokin pioneered the variable voltage feature, which is becoming commonplace for many electronic cigarettes. Variable voltage enables advanced vapers to customise their experience by adjusting the heat at which their e-liquid is produced. Another favourite is pass-through technology which means no more waiting for your kit to charge - you can vape while it is on charge! If you'd looking to stay in the loop with the latest innovations in vaping, Innokin is the brand to watch. Every new device they bring to the table has impressive new features, setting the bar for others to follow suit.

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Common Questions

Which Innokin Vape Is The Best?

Fortunately, this is all down to personal preference and the purpose you are using your vape. Some users prefer heavy clouds and performing vape tricks; therefore, if you use your device for these reasons, you may be best off with a sub-ohm vape. On the other hand, if you are using your vape to wean you off the cigarettes, a regular vape pen or pod mod kit will do the trick.

Based on our own sales, the top-selling sub-ohm kit is the Innokin EZ.WATT, which is well-known for its high-powered battery and adjustable wattage feature. A 4.38-star rating on our website tells us the best-selling vape pen is the Innokin Go S, famous for its easy use and affordability.

When Do I Change The Coil On My Innokin Kit?

Immediately, you should be able to taste when your Innokin device needs a coil change. If your kit starts to taste burnt and there is still a fair amount of e-liquid left in your tank, this can indicate that your coil has reached the end of its lifespan. Some Innokin kits require replacing the whole tank, whereas some devices utilise replaceable coils.

Where Can I Buy Innokin Vapes?

You can purchase Innokin vape devices from supermarkets and vape shops; however, we recommend buying your device online from a reputable retailer, such as The Electric Tobacconist, as you will spend less money doing so.

How Do I Refill my Innokin Device?

This really depends on what type of device you are using. Most Innokin vapes, such as the Endura range, adopt a drip tip mechanism that screws off from the top of the tank to reveal the fill hole. Some kits, like the Innokin Klypse, have a rubber side plug that easily opens and closes when refilling. Finally, vape pens like the Innokin Go S have a slide-to-open drip tip which reveals a small hole where you would insert your e-liquid nozzle to fill it with juice.