Vape Accessories

Looking for chargers, drip tips, carry cases or other vape accessories? Browse our collection of vaping accessories here:

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USB Charging Dock
JUULUSB Charging Dock
For JUUL Devices
Joyetech eGo Air Filter Tips and box
JoyetecheGo Air Filter Tips
20-Pack | For eGo Air Kit
2 USB Charging Dock
JUUL2 USB Charging Dock
For JUUL 2 Devices only
Vapourlites USB Charger front on
VapourlitesUSB Charger
For Vapourlites batteries
Classic USB Charger
HoxtonClassic USB Charger
For Hoxton Classic
USB-C Charging Cable
EleafUSB-C Charging Cable
USB-C & Micro-USB Charger

Vape Accessories

E-cigarette accessories are a must-have for all vapers! Whether it's a carry case, a lanyard or a new atomizer, here you'll find everything you need to prolong the life of your electronic cigarette:

Plugs: Need a new charging plug? Want to carry a spare? You can get one here.

USB Chargers: Lost the charger for your vape kit? Want to have a spare for your office? We sell electronic cigarette chargers to suit all your needs.

Charging & Carry Cases: Don't want to buy another starter kit? Want to carry a spare battery? Want more battery power for your existing ecig? Or do you simply want to protect your disposable ecig when you carry it around? We have just the range for you...

Vape accessories are essential. Pick them up here and get free UK delivery on orders over £20!