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Pod Salt is a UK brand known for its exceptional flavours and esteemed nicotine salt formula. Explore the premium e-liquid collection below, including the Core, Nexus and Origin ranges!

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What Is Pod Salt?

Pod Salt liquid is created by Xyfil, one of the largest e-liquid manufacturers in the UK. The Pod Salt range consists of nic salt e-liquids in a variety of new and exciting flavours. Nicotine salts are perfect for those who have recently made the switch to vaping; the formula provides a faster-acting, longer-lasting and more noticeable hit of nicotine while also being gentle on the throat and lungs.

The Pod Salt vape juice range is a good choice for mouth-to-lung vapers who are looking to expand their horizons with great tasting and innovative flavours. There are three distinct collections on offer: Origin, Nexus and Core.

What Is Pod Salt Core Vape Juice?

Pod Salt Core is the award-winning basis of the Pod Salt brand. This collection of e-liquids features some of the most popular vaping flavours, from fresh mint to sweet mixed berries, and is a great starting point for new users who are just getting started with Pod Salt.

What Is Pod Salt Origin?

The Origin collection is made for tobacco connoisseurs. All flavours in this e-liquid range put an original spin on the tobacco flavour profile, ranging from cool and crisp to rich and creamy. Users who miss the rustic taste of tobacco will feel right at home with Pod Salt Original vape juice.

What is Pod Salt Nexus?

The Pod Salt Nexus range pushes the boat out with unique flavour combinations where each note complements the other. This range is perfect for the adventurous vaper, squeezing multiple fruit flavours into every bottle for maximum taste and satisfaction.

Common Questions

How Do I Open A Pod Salt Bottle?

Pod Salts have a childproof cap, as is the industry standard for all e-liquids. To open, press down on the cap and turn counter-clockwise. You may feel some resistance until the seal snaps.

Can I mix two Pod Salt flavours together?

Absolutely, if you'd like to. Most Pod Salt Core range e-liquids contain single-note flavours, making them perfect for mixing.

What Pod System Do Pod Salts Work Best In?

Most pod systems will work great, as the wattage and coil resistance is designed for nicotine salt e-liquids. A great example would be the XROS 3 Mini by Vaporesso.

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