E-Liquid Nicotine Shots

Nicotine shots are designed to be added to short fill e-liquids. Nic shots are typically flavourless and are designed to increase the nicotine content of your chosen short fill without affecting the original flavour or composition. 

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About Nicotine Shots

Nic shots are added to nicotine-free short fill e-liquids to give you a larger quantity of nicotine-containing juice. Short fill liquid bottles leave enough space for you to mix a nicotine shot straight into the bottle; this is often more cost-effective than buying individual 10ml bottles of juice. Nicotine shots are available with both freebase and nicotine salt compositions. Nicotine shots often have differing VG/PG balances, so try to select a bottle that is suited to the short fill you are topping up.

An 18mg nicotine shot (10ml) added to a 50ml short fill bottle of zero-nicotine e-liquid would give you 60ml of e-liquid, now boosted to 3mg (0.3%) nicotine. Refer to the tables below to see how much nicotine you need to add to your short fill liquid to get the nicotine strength you're aiming for.

If you have 50ml e-liquid:


You need...

55ml, 1.67mg ½ x 18mg Nic Shot
60ml, 3mg 1 x 18mg Nic Shot

If you have 80ml e-liquid:  


You need...

90ml, 2mg 1 x 18mg Nic Shot
100ml, 3.6mg 2 x 18mg Nic Shot 

Nic Shots at the Electric Tobacconist

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