Cartomizer Packs

Cartomizers are the screw-in refill cartridges for your electronic cigarette kit. Here you can explore our range of cartomizer refills, each of which is compatible with a specific starter kit including 10 Motives, OK Vape, Hoxton or Vapourlites.

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Benefits of Cartomizer Refills

The main benefit of refill cartridges are that they make vaping (the act of 'smoking' an electronic cigarette) incredibly cheap. Once you have paid for your initial e-cigarette starter kit, you only need to top it up with refills from then on (until the battery on your e-cig starter kit dies, which can take over six months). Cartomizer refills are also very efficient; changing one over takes only a few seconds, which is ideal for those who are often on the go. Simply remove your old cartomizer and screw in a brand new one and you're ready to vape! Cartomizer refill packs are typically available in a range of flavours to fit your tastes, from classic tobacco to sweet and fruity blends. Cartomizer refills come in anything from packs of three to packs of six, and are often available with excellent money-saving multi-buy deals with The Electric Tobacconist.

What's the Difference between cartomizers and pods?

You may be weighing up the possible difference between cartomizer refill packs and pod refill packs. Vape pods are the refill cartridges for the popular pod mod style devices, such as the VUSE Pro Kit. The two function in a similar way; both tend to be closed containers that contain e-liquid, and they are both easily attached to their respective device to begin vaping right away. The primary difference is that cartomizers are specifically for cigalike kits like OK Vape, while refill pods are for pod mod systems which vary in size and functionality.