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P50 Pod Kit
OK VapeP50 Pod Kit
Battery Only | Pods Sold Separately
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Flex Device Kit
VLTZFlex Device Kit
Pre-filled Pod Kit
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Voom Device & Charger Kit
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Device Kit | Black
LogicDevice Kit | Black
Pre-filled Pod Kit | Pods Sold Separately
JUUL2 Device Kit
JUULJUUL2 Device Kit
JUUL 2 Device & Charger Kit
Mate 500 Kit
ELF BARMate 500 Kit
Pre-filled pods & refillable pods available
Blu 2.0 Device Kit
BLUBlu 2.0 Device Kit
Battery Only | Pods Sold Separately

Vape Batteries

Without the right vape battery your vaping experience will be significantly limited, or unable to start at all. There are a large range of different vape batteries on the market and while many kits come with batteries included, you may still need to find a better option to suit your kit. It is essential you consult the manual or information regarding your kit to ensure you use the right kind of vape battery. Using incorrect vape batteries can permanently damage your kit or even be dangerous.

Types of Vape Battery

The most common type of vape batteries for sub-ohm kits are 18650 batteries but not all devices use this kind of battery so it is worth checking in advance. Many devices have their own branded vape batteries on the market and it is usually recommended you opt for the battery designed for your device. Others are built-in, so require no further purchase and can simply be recharged using the cable included with your device.

What makes a good vape battery?

When looking at generic vape batteries it is worth considering the following:

Amperage and mAh: amperage is the current your battery can offer at any one time. The higher the current, the higher the wattage output you will get. mAh refers to the overall life of the battery and in most instances, you want to opt for a vape battery with a high mAh which is suitable/compatible with your kit.

Temperature: the risk of vape batteries overheating can damage your kit and it can also be dangerous. High quality vape batteries should not overheat and the most effective method for avoiding this is to opt for a battery which runs at a high voltage. Whether you use a regular or self-built mod a good vape battery which can run at a high voltage should also stay relatively cool and not run the risk of overheating. 

At The Electric Tobacconist we stock a wide range of vape batteries for you to choose from, including many branded options.