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A leading light amongst UK e-liquid brands since 2016, Riot Squad take pride in producing high-quality e-liquids with explosive flavour combinations. Shop the Riot Salts range below:

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Riot Bar Disposable
Riot E-LiquidRiot Bar Disposable
0mg, 10mg & 20mg | 10 Flavours | £2.50/ml

About Riot Squad E-Liquid

Launched in 2016, Riot E-Liquid (formerly Riot Squad) is a British e-liquid brand with a clear focus: bold flavours with no compromise on quality. Using high-purity propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine derived from natural sources and pharmaceutical grade nicotine in all their e-liquids to ensure the best possible flavour, Riot Squad are bringing a revolution with them to the world of vaping. There are several distinct collections on offer: Salts, PUNX, 100% Menthol, Black Edition and QBAR disposables.

Explore the Riot E-Liquid Range

Riot Salts are smooth, high-quality and packed with flavour. The range is made with a hybrid nic formula, meaning the nicotine in every bottle is 50% nicotine salts, 50% freebase nicotine. Nic salts are smooth and powerful, while freebase offers a slower release and a more noticeable throat hit. Hybrid e-liquids combine both to offer the best of each blend - many find this formula to be the most satisfying and closest to traditional smoking. 

Riot Short Fills are larger e-liquid bottles that come nicotine free as standard. With over a dozen flavour options, including the PUNX and Black Edition collections, these long-lasting bottles offer fantastic value for money.

Riot QBARs are disposable vapes available in many of the same great flavour options the brand is known for.

What Do the Fans Say?

Fans of Riot Squad praise the smooth and intense flavours of their e-liquids, and their eye-catching, stylish branding. Their popular tours and events have made them an instantly recognisable brand within the UK vaping industry. 

Riot Squad E-Liquid at the Electric Tobacconist

You can explore the full range of Riot Squad E-Liquids at The Electric Tobacconist vape shop. Remember you can enjoy FREE UK delivery on all orders over £20, and we accept all major credit cards and PayPal.

Common Questions

Does Riot E-liquid Burn Coils?

If you follow the correct priming process before using a new coil, this shouldn’t burn out quickly. Coils burn when you haven’t primed before use and over time due to general wear and tear. It’s worth noting that the sweeter your e-liquid is, the quicker it will wear your coil down. To preserve this for a longer period of time, we recommend using a menthol-flavoured juice.

How To Open Riot E-liquid Bottle?

Like all e-liquid bottles, Riot E-liquid utilises childproof caps that require you to press down and twist anti-clockwise until you hear a ‘click’ noise - this indicates the seal has broken.