88 Vape

Putting price and quality at the heart of everything they do, the 88Vape e-liquid range is a popular vaping brand with a focus on outstanding value for money. Combining value with flavour in a way which people love, 88Vape e-liquids are tasty, classic and flavourful. Shop the range below:

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20mg | 10 Flavours | £2.00/ml
CE4 | 1.6ml tank capacity
£1 E-Liquid
H-Blue 10ml E-liquid
88VapeH-Blue 10ml E-liquid
Any Tank E-Liquid | Blue raspberry & bubblegum

About 88 Vape

The 88vape brand is based in the UK and they work from a purpose-built facility so they can ensure the highest standards and develop their own flavours in-house. They work to cover all regulatory bases to comply with the TPD regulations that came into force in May 2017. They have worked tirelessly to create flavours which are authentic, produced to a high standard and bursting with fresh flavours. The result is a small but perfectly curated range which features recognisable and traditional flavours, as well as some which are a little different and add further character to their range.

Explore the 88 Vape E-Liquid Range

There are many exciting flavours in the 88 Vape collection (which can be found in our one pound e-liquid range) and each flavour was selected as it is considered amongst the most popular. Every flavour in the 88 Vape collection has been made using 100% organic ingredients and they are available in a choice of nicotine strengths. The flavours on offer include:

Fruit Twist: a whole bowl’s worth of fruit has been expertly blended together to create this fresh, flavourful e-liquid.

Morello Cherry: tart and bursting with fresh, decadent cherry notes, this rich e-liquid is a must try for fans of fruit-flavoured e-liquids.

Rolling Leaf: an authentic traditional tobacco flavour which is perfect for anyone making that switch from traditional tobacco smoking.

The wide range of other flavours satisfies both traditionalists (looking for tobacco and menthol style flavours) and also those who prefer sweeter e-liquids.

What Do the Fans Say?

The leading plus point of the full 88 Vape e-liquid range is the price. It is unparalleled in the market and fans of the brand love the quality they get for their money. The options also have a premium flavour many vapers look for but can’t find at that price bracket. Few brands are able to provide a range which is as flavourful and diverse as 88Vape! If you're in the market for quality e-liquid on a budget, check out the Edge E-Liquid range!

88Vape E-Liquid at The Electric Tobacconist

At The Electric Tobacconist vape shop, we offer a wide range of 88 Vape e-liquid flavours at the brands characteristically competitive prices. Each of the flavour options has been perfectly formulated and remember, if you spend more than £20 with us you can enjoy FREE UK delivery on your order.

Common Questions

Is 88Vape Any Good?

88Vape products, especially e-liquids, are one of our most popular e-liquid ranges featured on our website. This is thanks to their significantly low prices - not to mention their wide variety of e-juice flavours that cater to all types of vapers. You can also visit 88Vape’s Trustpilot page, boasting a 93% 5-star rating - quite impressive!

Where Can I Buy 88Vape?

Any vaping website, including us and 88Vape themselves, sell 88Vape. If you shop at The Electric Tobacconist, you can take advantage of our exclusive deals and offers, e.g. 10x 88Vape disposables for £30.

Why Is 88Vape So Cheap?

88Vape can sell their e-liquids at an affordable cost since they own their facilities; therefore, their outgoings are much lower than usual. As a result, they can afford to decrease their prices to suit all classes of vapers.

Are 88Vape E-liquids 50/50?

88Vape dabbles in creating all sorts of different e-juices; therefore, rest assured that there is variety. At The Electric Tobacconist, we sell their Anytank 50/50 range, which is appropriate for use with any device/tank.