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IVG are an award-winning vape brand known for their extensive range of UK-made e-liquids and award-winning pod system. Explore the IVG range below:

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4 E-Liquids For £10
Summer Blaze 10ml E-Liquid
IVGSummer Blaze 10ml E-Liquid
50/50 Range | Lemonade & mixed fruits
4 E-Liquids For £10
Forest Berries Ice 10ml E-Liquid
IVGForest Berries Ice 10ml E-Liquid
50/50 Range | Blackberry, blackcurrant, red currant, cherry & menthol
4 E-Liquids For £10
Blackberg 10ml E-Liquid
IVGBlackberg 10ml E-Liquid
50/50 Range | Blueberry, blackcurrant & ice menthol
4 E-Liquids For £10
Blueberg Burst 10ml E-Liquid
IVGBlueberg Burst 10ml E-Liquid
50/50 Range | Blueberry & ice menthol
4 E-Liquids For £10
Riberry Lemonade 10ml E-Liquid
IVGRiberry Lemonade 10ml E-Liquid
50/50 Range | Blackcurrant, mixed berries & lemonade
4 E-Liquids For £10
Pina Colada 10ml E-Liquid
IVGPina Colada 10ml E-Liquid
50/50 Range | Pineapple juice, coconut, cream & menthol
Bar Plus +
IVGBar Plus +
20mg | 15+ Flavours | £2.50/ml
Was £4.99 | save £1.99From£3.00


IVG are a UK-based company known for their awesome e-liquid collection. Boasting dozens of unique flavour blends, often incorporating fruit, mint, drinks and menthol, the range will undoubtedly include something new and exciting for you to try. The brand recently branched out into hardware by introducing the IVG Pod System to their collection. The IVG Pod system is designed to offer UK customers an affordable and equally satisfying alternative to American Pod systems. The device is really easy to get started with and includes 1 of each flavour pod (shown above), so you can sample the whole collection without investing too much at once.


The IVG range includes an expansive range of e-liquids and IVG Salts, as well as a range of pre-filled pods available in the following flavours:

IVG Mango: An exotic mango flavour with punchy notes of citrus fruit.

IVG Blue Raspberry Ice: Sweet blue ice slush flavoured with blueberry and raspberry.

IVG Iced Berry Lemonade: A tangy lemonade flavour with red and black berry notes, rounded off with a hint of cool menthol.

IVG Pods Tobacco: Smokey and rich with a touch of syrup-like sweetness; a classic tobacco vape designed with ex-smokers in mind.

All IVG Pods come in packs of 4 and are made with a nicotine salt formula for guaranteed satisfaction.

The IVG e-liquid range is made with a 50:50 formula with most flavours either available in nicotine salt or standard (freebase) formulas.

Looking to try something new? Check out the adventurous IVG Beyond range!


Fans of IVG are very supportive of the companies roots; starting small-time in a sea of huge players, the brand has steadily gained a strong following of dedicated customers. The IVG Pod vape kit has been met with strong approval, and many comment on the sheer quality of the device, refills and flavours available. Their e-liquid collection boasts dozens of unique flavour combinations that are simply to good to miss!


You can explore our full range of IVG vape gear at The Electric Tobacconist vape shop. Remember, you'll be eligible for FREE UK delivery when you spend £20 or more, and we accept all major credit cards and PayPal.

Common Questions

What Is The Best IVG Vape Juice?

At The Electric Tobacconist, our top-selling IVG e-liquid flavour is Summer Blaze. A hearty blend of zesty lemonade notes and sweet forest fruits tells us everything we need to know about this ET favourite!

Where Is IVG Sold?

IVG is sold in vape shops and online; however, purchasing these online guarantees that you spend less money. You can take advantage of our exclusive mix & match deals and free UK delivery for orders over £20 here at The Electric Tobacconist UK.

How To Open IVG E-liquid?

Like all standard bottle caps, all IVG e-liquids utilise a childproof lid that requires you to push down and twist anti-clockwise.