Sub Ohm Liquid

Sub Ohm Liquid is typically max VG (i.e. it contains over 90% vegetable glycerin). Propylene glycol is usually still present, but only in small amounts due to flavourings. You can discover our exciting range of Sub ohm liquid below.

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2 Short Fills for £18
High VG
KPG 50ml E-Liquid
ULTDKPG 50ml E-Liquid
Kiwi, passion fruit & guava
High VG
Banana Split Temptations 100ml Short Fill E-Liquid
Was £12.99 | save £6.00From£6.99
2 Short Fills For £15
High VG
Rainbow Astaire 50ml E-Liquid
AisuRainbow Astaire 50ml E-Liquid
Berries, aniseed & eucalyptus | Includes Nic Shot
2 Short Fills For £15
High VG
Grapelicious 50ml E-Liquid
AisuGrapelicious 50ml E-Liquid
Grape & menthol | Includes Nic Shot

Sub Ohm Vape Liquid

Choosing sub ohm vaping means you’ve opted to enjoy e-liquids which offer up huge clouds and a more intense, smooth flavour experience. Sub ohm is the term used when the atomiser has a resistance of less than 1 ohm and the right kind of e-liquid is needed to enjoy the best experience. Lower resistance coils help to produce large clouds of vapour and the coil also heats up faster to a higher temperature. The right hardware is essential but so is the right sub ohm liquid.

How are sub ohm liquids made up?

Sub ohm e-liquids are made up differently to those that came before sub ohm vaping. All e-liquids contain a percentage ratio of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG). PG is the ingredient which creates that scratchy, cigarette-like throat hit whereas VG is thick and smooth and holds a lot of flavour, as well as a lot more vapour.

Sub ohm vaping usually requires that you inhale a larger quantity of vapour and this is why sub ohm e-liquids usually have a high VG formula. Using an e-liquid which has a high PG content or even a 50/50 ratio will not deliver the huge clouds which sub ohm vaping is known for and you will also end up with an uncomfortably strong throat hit, which very few people enjoy! The range of high VG formula sub ohm e-liquid options on the market means there is no need to opt for anything but a purpose-designed liquid when you choose to sub ohm vape. The sheer range of flavours and makers also ensures there are plenty of different options to try.

Sub Ohm Liquid Brands

Many of our favourite and best recognised brands produce sub ohm e-liquid flavours. Brands including Vampire Vape (makers of the famous Heisenberg vape) and Ohm Brew are amongst our extensive range of sub ohm liquid options for you to choose from.