SKE Crystal Plus Pods

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About SKE Crystal Plus Pods

Crystal Plus Pods are replacement cartridges for the SKE Crystal Plus Pod System. Each pack contains two pods; each contains 2ml of e-liquid in the selected flavour. Crystal Plus Pods are available in over a dozen flavours, many of which match the taste of their Crystal Bar Disposable counterpart!

SKE Crystal Plus Pods feature a mesh heating element, which increases surface area for a fuller, thicker and tastier cloud. These pods are designed for mouth-to-lung vaping, as reflected by the 1.1ohm coil and the super-smooth nicotine salt formula.

SKE Crystal Plus Pod Flavours

Crystal Plus Pods are available in an array of flavours, with most incorporating fruit, beverage or ice notes. Some of the most popular options include Blueberry Sour Raspberry, Kiwi Pasion Fruit Guava and Lemon & Lime, but tastes are subjective, so explore the range to find the right flavour for you!


How Long Does A Crystal Plus Pod Last?

Each Crystal Plus Pod contains the same amount of liquid as a Crystal Bar so you can expect a similar number of puffs: around 600. This number can vary depending on your inhale and draw length.

In terms of time, most frequent users will use one pod a day. If you vape more sparingly, a pod can last several days.

How Do You Know If Your Crystal Pod Runs Out?

Crystal Plus Pods contains 2ml of e-liquid and they will run out when empty. You'll know your pod is close to running out if the quality of your vapour (taste, cloud thickness and nicotine hit) starts to drop. If your pod actively tastes burnt or unpleasant, this means it needs to be swapped out for a new one.

How Strong Are SKE Crystal Plus Pods?

Currently, SKE Crystal Plus Pods contain a 20mg/ml nicotine formula; this is the highest strength available in the UK and has a cigarette-like sensation when inhaled. Leading Brands like SKE sometimes release lower nicotine-strength pods (EG: 10mg/ml), so lower-strength pods may become available in the future.

Are SKE Crystal Plus Pods Refillable?

No, SKE Crystal Plus Pods aren't refillable. These cartridges come pre-filled with SKE vape liquid and are designed to be replaced entirely once they have expired.

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