Vape Tanks

We offer a wide range of tanks for both mouth-to-lung and direct-to-lung vaping. Shop our vape tank range below!

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XROS Corex 2.0 Pods
VaporessoXROS Corex 2.0 Pods
4-Pack | For XROS Kits
ELFA Refillable Pods
ELF BARELFA Refillable Pods
2-Pack | For ELFA/ELFA Pro & Tappo
VCAP Replacement Pod
InnokinVCAP Replacement Pod
1-Pack | For Trine Kit
TECC EN box and tank
2ml tank capacity
eRoll Slim Pods
JoyetecheRoll Slim Pods
3-Pack | For eRoll Slim
Crystal Plus Refillable Pods
SKECrystal Plus Refillable Pods
2-Pack | For SKE Crystal Plus
Caliburn Explorer Pods
UWELLCaliburn Explorer Pods
2-Pack | For Caliburn Explorer Kit
Was £4.99 | save £1.00From£3.99
APX S1 Pods
NevoksAPX S1 Pods
3-Pack | For APX S1/S2 Kits
Luxe Q Pods
VaporessoLuxe Q Pods
4-Pack | For Luxe Q2 Kits
Caliburn G3 Pods
UWELLCaliburn G3 Pods
4-Pack | For Caliburn G3
WideWick Air Pods
JoyetechWideWick Air Pods
2-Pack | For WideWick Air
OXVA V2 Xlim Pods with box
OXVAXlim V2 Pods
3-Pack | For Xlim SE, Pro & SQ kits
Q Pods
GeekvapeQ Pods
3-Pack | For Sonder Q kit
IORE Qube Pods
EleafIORE Qube Pods
2-Pack | For Eleaf IORE Qube kit
Oxva Xlim V3 Pods with box
OXVAXlim V3 Pods
3-Pack | For Xlim SE, Pro & SQ kits
Endura T18 II Tank
InnokinEndura T18 II Tank
2ml tank capacity
VaporessoXROS Pods
4-Pack | For XROS Kits
Argus Pods
VOOPOOArgus Pods
3-Pack | For Argus P1 Kit
IORE Lite 2 Pods
EleafIORE Lite 2 Pods
2-Pack | For Eleaf IORE Lite 2 kit
Caliburn X Pods
UWELLCaliburn X Pods
2-Pack | For Caliburn X Kit
10 Packs for £7 each
Refillable Pods
VoomRefillable Pods
3-Pack | Empty cartridges
Caliburn A3 Pods
UWELLCaliburn A3 Pods
4-Pack | For Caliburn A3 & AK3
5 for £18.99
Vapouriz Fuse Clearomizer and box
VapourizFuse Clearomizer
1.6ml tank capacity
Collection of Innokin Endura T18E Tank
InnokinEndura T18E Tank
2ml tank capacity
Was £9.99 | save £3.00From£6.99

Vape Tanks

Even the most basic e-cigarette or vape pens have to have some kind of tank element. The tank is where the e-liquid is stored and vaporised by your coil. However, as you move onto more advanced vaping hardware and perhaps choose to try a box mod kit, the vape tanks you can choose from become more diverse and have a wider range of features. Your vape tank plays a key role in the quality of your experience, the intensity of the flavour you enjoy and cloud production, and different tanks are optimised for various things.

Different types of Vape Tanks


Clearomizers are tanks that are generally paired with vape pens. They are transparent, like the name suggests, so users can easily track their juice levels. They combine the coil, wick and e-liquid inside into a single element, and they do not include any filler material within, which contributes towards producing cleaner and more natural-tasting e-liquid flavours. Some have integrated coils, like the blu Pro clearomizer, while others utilise replaceable atomisers, such as the Vapouriz Fuse tank.

Sub-ohm Tanks

A sub-ohm tank, like the eLeaf iJust D20 tank, is designed for vaping high VG e-liquids and usually houses more customisable features than a regular tank, such as adjustable airflow. Airflow control is a vital component of sub-ohm tanks, allowing users to fine-tune their draw. Sub-ohm vapers prefer a direct-to-lung vaping style; therefore, most leave the airflow open to achieve a loose and airy inhale with dense cloud production. Sub-ohm vaping is essentially when the coil in your tank is under 1.0ohm.

Refillable Pods

Refillable pods are like vape tanks; however, tanks often screw onto your device, whereas pods will click into place via a secure magnetic connection. Cartridges are simple to navigate as most, such as the Vaporesso XROS pods, have integrated coils with a drip tip that snaps into place, although there are some, like the UWELL Caliburn G2 pods, that use replaceable coils. Better suited for mouth-to-lung vaping, refillable cartridges are usually compatible with pod mod kits, designed for beginner vapers or even experienced users who want to simplify their vaping setup.

Choosing the Right Vape Tank

Vape tanks are usually made from glass or strong polycarbonate plastic. Most kits come complete with a tank, but the tank included may not be the right one for your ideal vaping experience. Some vape tanks are quite basic, ensuring you can quickly and easily vape your chosen e-liquid, while others are more advanced. Some vape tanks on the market incorporate special features such as airflow control to further personalise your experience. Adjustable airflow allows you to control the tightness of your draw. A cigarette-style draw is referred to as "restricted" or "tight" and is best for getting maximum flavour in mouth-to-lung tanks. You'll need to close the airflow ring most of the way for a tighter draw. Most direct-to-lung vapers prefer an "airy" or "loose" hit, achieved by opening up the airflow to allow more air intake every time you inhale - this produces much bigger clouds.

The different features of your chosen vape tank will impact your experience in different ways. If you are using a more advanced vape kit, you will need to look for a suitable sub-ohm tank designed for vaping higher VG e-liquids and ensuring they can be efficiently vaporised and enjoyed. You may also want to consider the position of the coils in your chosen vape tanks; do you prefer bottom or top coil designs? There are benefits to both, and it could be worth exploring your options before simply making a choice. There is usually no need to stick to a single brand as many leading vape tank designers ensure their products are universally designed and should work with most e-cigarettes and mods.