10mg Disposable Vapes

Introducing our 10mg disposable vapes – a perfect blend of smoothness and satisfaction. Experience a milder throat hit with rich flavours, crafted for a convenient and enjoyable vaping journey. Your go-to choice for a hassle-free and satisfying vape experience.
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Elf Bar 600 group shot displaying five flavours: Elfblul Grape, Strawberry Cream, Apple Peach and Blueberry Sour Raspberry
ELF BAR600 Disposable
0mg, 10mg & 20mg | 40+ Flavours | £2.50/ml
Was £4.99 | save £2.00From£2.99
10 for £25
Go 700 Disposable
VuseGo 700 Disposable
0mg, 10mg & 20mg | 19 Flavours | £3.00/ml
Riot Bar Disposable
Riot E-LiquidRiot Bar Disposable
0mg, 10mg & 20mg | 10 Flavours | £2.50/ml
Was £4.99 | save £2.00From£2.99

10mg Disposable Vapes

Most disposable vapes in the market are only available in 20mg, which can make it difficult for users who are trying to slowly wean themselves off nicotine while maintaining a vaping journey that's as hassle-free as possible. Luckily, vaping brands have caught on to this, and now significantly more single-use vape ranges that include lower nicotine strengths are coming out of the woodwork! 10mg disposable vapes are a great medium strength and are essentially the next step down from 20mg kits.

Why Should I Use A 10mg Disposable Vape?

Some of you may have been light smokers; therefore, 20mg might be slightly strong and dropping down in strength would actually serve you well. Likewise, if you've been vaping high strengths for a while, you may have reached a point where you want to quit nicotine entirely. The only way to do this is to wean yourself off by gradually lowering your nicotine content until you find yourself vaping nic-free.

It's worth mentioning that, sometimes, people use disposable vapes as backup devices. Whether you're on the go and your refillable kit has run out of charge, or you've forgotten your e-liquid at home, a disposable vape can be useful to carry in your bag or pocket. If you usually use a 10mg e-liquid, it's wise to match the nicotine strength of your disposable vape to your e-liquid, as higher or lower strengths won't give you the same experience you're accustomed to. By doing this, you'll have a backup single-use vape you can rely on!

A selection of Elf Bar 600V2 disposable vapes in front of a light blue background

Does a 10mg disposable taste different to the higher strength disposables I am used to?

The nicotine concentration in a vape can influence the overall vaping experience, including the taste. Here's how the nicotine concentration might affect the taste:

  • Harshness:

    Higher nicotine concentrations, such as 20mg, can be harsher on the throat compared to lower concentrations like 10mg. This harshness may impact the perceived taste, making a lower concentration vape feel a touch less intense.

  • Throat Hit:

    Nicotine contributes to the throat hit sensation in vaping. A 20mg vape may provide a stronger throat hit than a 10mg vape, which can influence how you perceive the flavour.

  • Flavour Intensity:

    The nicotine concentration can affect the perceived intensity of flavours. Some people find that lower nicotine concentrations allow them to better taste the nuances of the e-liquid flavour, while higher concentrations might mute or overpower certain flavours.

  • Smoothness:

    Lower nicotine concentrations, like 10mg, are often chosen for a smoother vaping experience. If harshness is a concern, a lower nicotine level may be preferable.

A Vuse GO disposable and a RIOT Bar disposable floating in front of a gradient background of light and dark blue

Featured Reviews of 10mg Disposable Vapes from ET Customers

ELF BAR 600 Disposable

Great flavour, less nicotine strength works perfectly for me. Definitely recommend

Justyna F

11th Jan 2024

ELF BAR 600 Disposable

Always quick delivery, the disposable themselves are better value in bulk, good flavours and never faulty (so far).Happy they do 1% as 2% far to strong, nice option.

Victoria L

4th Nov 2023

Vuse Go 700 Disposable

Good value. Only place I have been able to find the 10mg vapes as the 20mg ones in the shops are far too strong. The mint flavour is the best too, all the super sweet ones make me cough.

Eleanor P

9th Sep 2023

Vuse Go 700 Disposable

Good value. Only place I have been able to find the 10mg vapes as the 20mg ones in the shops are far too strong. The mint flavour is the best too, all the super sweet ones make me cough.

Eleanor P

9th Sep 2023

Why Shop 10mg Disposable Vapes from The Electric Tobacconist?

When you choose The Electric Tobacconist for your 10mg disposables, you're selecting a trusted and experienced retailer. Established in 2013 as one of the first online vape shops, we've been at the forefront of the industry ever since. Our impressive 98% recommendation rating on reviews.io reflects our dedication to customer satisfaction. As registered members of UKVIA, we prioritise industry standards, ensuring top-notch product quality and safety for the user. With over two million successfully shipped orders, we've built a reliable reputation. You can count on The Electric Tobacconist for all your vaping needs!

Frequently Asked Questions about 10mg Disposable Vapes

How many puffs are there in a 10mg disposable vape?

It depends on how you vape, but usually around 600.

Are 10mg disposables better for me than 20mg?

Not necessarily, but they can help you withdraw from nicotine dependence by lowering your nicotine intake.