10 Motives

10 Motives is a UK-based e-cigarette company that has been part of British American Tobacco since 2016: this is the parent company of many recognisable brands including Vuse. 10 Motives offer a combination of regular rechargeable and disposable e-cigarette devices, for the convenience of their customers. Shop the range below:

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Explore the 10 Motives E-Cig Range

The 10 Motives e-cig range covers a range of different devices of different styles. They have a small yet complete range designed to cater to those looking to move from traditional cigarettes to vaping and they have created products which try to replicate the smoking experience with vapour, making it a convenient and hassle-free switch. Their product range includes:

The V2 Rechargeable E-Cig: The Ten Motives V2 is available in both tobacco and menthol versions and it makes it easy to switch from traditional cigarettes to e-cigs. The kit is extremely user-friendly and it has a cig-a-like design with a full 10 Motives cartomizer refill range, which are also available in the menthol and regular (tobacco) varieties. Ten Motives pride themselves on creating an intense vaping experience, with a powerful throat hit and authentic flavours.

The Ten Motives Disposable Range: designed with single use in mind and more cost effective than traditional tobacco, the Ten Motives disposable e-cig options once again come in tobacco and menthol options. Each product in the disposables range offers the equivalent of up to 40 traditional cigarettes and each has a cig-a-like design, making it easy to use with no difficult technology to get used to. The disposables range is also ideal as a backup, so you always have a spare e-cig handy should your regular battery run out.

What do the fans say?

Fans of the Ten Motives range unsurprisingly enjoy the convenience it brings. Many people credit the brand with halting their return to traditional cigarettes and others speak highly of the authenticity of the flavours offered both in their disposables range and as cartomizer refills.

Fans also enjoy the added cost benefit that comes with the disposables range as it bridges the gap between those who want to fully commit to vaping and investing in their own kit, and those who are experimenting.

10 Motives At The Electric Tobacconist

At The Electric Tobacconist vape shop we stock a range of products from the Ten Motives hardware range, as well as their e-cig refills. Explore the full collection on this page and remember, you can enjoy FREE UK delivery when you spend £20 or more. 

Common Questions

Who Sells 10 Motives?

10 Motives are available for purchase in all major supermarkets and vape stores; however, you can get better value for money by buying your 10 Motives products online. Take advantage of The Electric Tobacconist’s multibuy deals and offers on our website.

How Many Puffs In A 10 Motives Disposable?

Powered by a 345mAh battery, 10 Motives disposable vapes house enough power to deliver approximately 500 puffs. However, this is dependent on your draw length.

How Long Do 10 Motives Refills Last?

Equivalent to roughly 25 cigarettes, the amount of time your refill lasts is purely dependent on how frequently you use it and your draw length.

How Do I Know When My 10 Motives Is Charged?

The LED charging light is located on the actual USB charger. This will glow white whilst your 10 Motives battery is on charge, and the tip will glow blue and eventually turn off to indicate that your battery has reached full power.

How To Use 10 Motives?

Your 10 Motives Starter Kit should come with one refill, battery and USB charger. To get started, make sure your battery is fully charged - simply screw it into the charger and plug it into any mains plug adaptor or laptop USB port.

Once your kit has full power, screw your refill onto the battery, and you’re ready to begin your vaping journey! The blue tip at the end of the battery should glow blue to indicate that it’s working.

The cigalike design perfectly resembles a traditional cigarette to aid smokers in switching to vaping whilst offering the most authentic experience possible.