Nordic Spirit Pouches

Designed and manufactured in Vårgårda, Sweden, Nordic Spirit nicotine pouches are a vapour and smoke-free nicotine alternative designed to offer a simple and hassle-free way of keeping cravings at bay.

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About Nordic Spirit

Nordic Spirit is a Swedish company born from a vision to create a nicotine alternative that's also tobacco-free. Tobacco pouches have been popular in Sweden for decades, stemming back to the 18th century, leaving the team wondering if a similar product could do the same job without including the harmful tobacco. From this, Nordic Spirit tobacco-free pouches were created!

The company was founded in Vårgårda and now has its headquarters in the capital city of Stockholm.

How to Use Nordic Spirit

Nordic Spirit nicotine pouches are designed for modern-day life; they are easy to use while on the go, be it commuting, travelling or during a day out. Simply position a pouch underneath your top or bottom lip, offset to the side slightly for comfort, and leave it in place for up to an hour. Most users feel a tingling sensation for the first few minutes.

Technical information

Nordic Spirit pouches come in packs of twenty and are available in three flavours: Bergamot Wildberry, Mint and Elderflower. Each pouch contains nicotine and a base of plant-based fibres and gum. Pouches are available in 6mg and 9mg strengths; the mint pouches specifically are also available in 3mg and 12mg strengths.

Nordic Spirit Pouches at The Electric Tobacconist

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Common Questions

What Is Nordic Spirit?

Nordic Spirit Nicotine Pouches are smokeless tobacco-free pouches that contain nicotine. They are designed to be placed in your mouth between your lips and gums.

How Many Nordic Spirit Pouches Can I Use A Day?

This depends on how much nicotine your body is able to consume - everyone has a threshold. The average reported amount is usually 10-12 portions a day; however, some use less, and some use more. It’s vital you listen to your body, analyse how the nicotine makes you feel and act accordingly.

How Long Do You Keep Nordic Spirit Pouches In Your Mouth?

The recommended time length of usage per nicotine pouch is approximately 20 minutes; however, it’s worth noting that the body will only absorb around 10-20% of the nicotine content per pouch.