Voom Pods

Voom Pods are cartridges for the Voom Kit. Designed to deliver a smooth nicotine hit that's packed full of flavour, Voom pods are ideal for beginners due to their simple plug & play approach. Explore the range of flavours below:

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What are Voom Pods?

Voom Pods are refill cartridges for the popular Voom device. They are designed to offer a simple and effective way to vape. For beginners, switching to Voom is easy and requires no prior knowledge of vaping at all. More experienced users will find the choice of flavours and advanced coil technology to be extremely satisfying.

How are Voom Pods Used?

With a growing range of pod systems available, Voom applied a dedicated research and development team to ensure their debut device offered something special. With this in mind, these pods are designed to offer everything you could want in one powerful package!

Voom Pods serve as the tank for your device. The integrated coil comes pre-saturated with e-liquid so you can plug in a pod and vape straight away. The coil is ceramic, which prevents gurgling and spit-back and ensures each draw is smooth to inhale. For extra satisfaction, Voom Pods are made with a nicotine salt formula; this blend delivers nicotine effectively to the system at lower wattages, which pairs perfectly with pod systems like the Voom!

Voom Pod Specifications

Voom Pods at The Electric Tobacconist UK

If you're looking to stock up on Voom pods, you're in the right place. All pod packs are included in our great-value multi-buy deals and come with free First Class shipping when you spend a minimum of £10.