Refillable Pod Vapes

A refillable pod vape (also called a pod mod) is an ultra-compact and straight-forward vape kit. Pod mods are becoming more and more popular due to their ease of use, convenience and portability! Shop our range below:

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Flexus Q
AspireFlexus Q
Pod Mod Kit
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Caliburn G2
UWELLCaliburn G2
Pod Mod Kit
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Argus P1
Pod Mod Kit
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Refillable Pod Vapes

Adding yet another style of e-cigarette to the range available, pod mods are innovative and provide a simple and convenient way of enjoying a new vape experience. Pod mods are popular for people looking to move on from vape pens and cigalike style kits and find something which offers more room to experiment with different flavours without being complicated and too advanced to get to grips with.

What is a Refillable Pod Vape?

Refillable pod vape kits are like the middleman. They sit between the complex and often big box-mod-style vape kits and the more basic all-in-one cigalike designs. Pod mods are designed to keep things simple and are an effective choice for anyone looking for a more varied vape experience without the stress of buying separate parts to mod together or anything like that.

Refillable pod mods look very similar to vape pens, except they use pod-like cartridges. Pod-style cartridges usually come empty with either a built-in coil or replaceable coils, allowing vapers to fill their refillable vapes with their favourite flavours. Pod mods usually utilise powerful batteries compared to all-in-ones, and inside the pod mod is everything needed for a premium vape experience. Each pod cartridge acts like a clearomizer in its own right.

Refillable Pod Vapes at The Electric Tobacconist

As we head into the future, the market for pod systems is expanding; with an array of refillable pod mods, all of the biggest manufacturers in the vape industry have released their take on this popular device style.

Currently, our most popular pod vape kits that you can enjoy are:

The Vaporesso XROS 3 Mini: An integral part of Vaporesso’s XROS range, this refillable pod vape combines durability, simplicity and flavour in one kit!

The UWELL Caliburn: A powerful refillable pod system with a luxurious feel ideal for nic salt vaping.

The Joyetech EVIO C: This refillable pod mod has customisable features, enabling users to fine-tune their vaping experience.

The Innokin MVP: Probably one of Innokin’s most popular pod mods, the MVP is a refillable pod kit with a stylish look and optimal performance.

You can explore our growing range of refillable pod mod kits on this page, and remember: spend £20 or more, and you can enjoy FREE UK delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best Pod Mod?

It depends on what you use your pod mod for. Refillable pod kits were created with user convenience in mind; therefore, it’s a much more simplified vaping method. How this is incorporated can include draw-activation, pods with built-in coils, a top-fill system, a secure magnetic connection between pods and battery, etc. Some pod mods have larger batteries so that your device lasts longer throughout your usage, and some use replaceable coils so you can fine-tune your vaping experience - it really depends on which reasons you are purchasing a pod mod device.

Which e-liquids can I use with Pod Mods?

The best and safest e-liquid to use with your pod mod kit is a 50/50 nicotine salt. A 50/50 composition is compatible with nearly any device and is the safest to use as there’s a lesser chance of compromising the coil life. Nicotine salts rapidly deliver nicotine to your body and offer a silky smooth inhale, working perfectly with a refillable pod mod system.

How do I refill my pod vape?

Refillable pod vapes utilise many different top-up methods, so it depends on the device you’re using. Some kits, like the Geekvape Sonder Q, have a top-fill port, allowing you to refill your pod from the top without disconnecting it from the rest of the kit - merely snap the drip tip off to do this. Others, such as the UWELL Caliburn A2S, adopt a side-fill plug, so you have to remove the pod and open the side port to refill your cartridge.