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Vaping With The VOOPOO Argus P1: The Versatile Vaper’s Dream

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Established in 2014 and entering the vaping industry in 2017, VOOPOO is an award-winning brand within the international vaping category. Popularised for producing high-quality devices and accessories, VOOPOO quickly built a reputation for their premium-quality products, mainly focusing on technological innovation and customer satisfaction.

Nowadays, VOOPOO is a respected and esteemed brand, with its roots dug deep into the vaping community, proving that they’re here to stay! Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced user, VOOPOO caters to all vapers' needs and preferences with their extensive range of products.

With the new release of the critically-acclaimed Argus P1 kit, we’ve taken the liberty of composing a blog post about the product in question that takes a closer look at some of the device’s main attributes and performance. Keep reading if you want to know more about the VOOPOO Argus P1 kit and whether it’s the right fit for you!


What’s In The Box?

  • 1x VOOPOO Argus P1 battery
  • 1x Argus 0.7ohm pod
  • 1x Argus 1.2ohm pod
  • 1x Lanyard
  • 1x USB-C charging cable
  • 1x User manual

Design and Build

At first glance, the Argus P1 is a showstopper of a device, and I find the design quite unique and admirable. The metallic body of the kit goes hand-in-hand with the gold accents and tinted PC plastic. However, not every colour device features gold accents - the pink and silver colours appear to have silver accents. The fact that VOOPOO’s renowned GENE chipset circuit board is on show gives the Argus P1 a very futuristic and robotic look, which matches the general aesthetic of the kit. As this gives you a deeper look into the actual structure of the device itself, rest assured that the gold bar loop (made for use with the lanyard) is lodged deeply into the internal build. You can sleep comfortably knowing this loop won't break off, regardless of how often you swing it around on your lanyard.

Thanks to its small size, the Argus P1 kit is significantly portable and caters to those who often vape on the go. The dimensions are 75mm x 50mm x 20mm (rounded up to the nearest whole number), and the kit has a low weight of 72g. When holding the device, it feels slightly weighty; however, I wouldn’t say that it was anywhere close to being heavy.

Utilising a rounded square shape, the Argus P1 has quite an ergonomic build, and I can grip it quite securely when vaping. The front of the device shows the Argus logo in gold, whereas the back maintains the same look with just a subtle VOOPOO brand logo. The airflow slider on the side of the Argus resembles a gear-like mechanism, adding to the mechanical and ‘unfinished’ vibe. In summary, I quite enjoy the design, and it appears easy to use for beginners and familiar vapers.

Key Features

The VOOPOO Argus P1 comes with two pods, one with a 0.7ohm resistance and the other with a 1.2ohm resistance. As the P1 uses the Argus series of pods, it should be compatible with any other pod from the same range, allowing you to use them interchangeably. Additionally, you can buy Argus pods with the coil built-in or empty ones that utilise replaceable coils - this appeals to all types of users as it gives you the leeway to customise your personal vaping experience.

The capacity of the Argus pods is 2ml, and VOOPOO says they’re best used with 50/50 nicotine salt e-liquids to achieve the best flavour results. Unfortunately, you do have to remove the pod from the kit to refill it, as it uses a side-fill system. However, as the pod connects to the device via a secure magnetic connection, this isn’t as time-consuming as one would think. You can disconnect and reconnect the pod with just a simple click!

Depending on the pod you opt for, the famed GENE AI 1.2 chipset detects the resistance and automatically sets the wattage range to match the suitable output of the coil. For example, if you use the 1.2ohm pod, the Argus P1 kit will amend the wattage output accordingly to anywhere from 5-12W. This is also based on the pressure of your draw - the harder you puff, the higher the output. This handy feature actually preserves the battery life much more efficiently.

Moving on to the airflow, VOOPOO has opted for a slider design, allowing you to precisely change the airflow to either a loose or tight mouth-to-lung draw. Furthermore, the slider seems quite sturdy, enabling you to make more accurate airflow adjustments. The pod features a 4-hole air inlet, which works effectively alongside the airflow system and provides a much smoother throat hit.


The VOOPOO Argus P1 adopts an 800mAh battery, which lasts approximately just over a day on a full charge. The focal selling point of this device is the fast charging feature - VOOPOO says that with PD charging, your battery can be charged from dead to maximum capacity in just 18 minutes. This is true; however, you first need to acquire a charger that supports PD charging.

When using a standard adaptor, the time it takes to refuel is slightly longer than 18 minutes, but it is still moderately fast. Each time I charged the Argus P1, it took roughly half an hour to power up completely. The interactive LEDs on the device light up when you are vaping, but the number of LEDs that light up reflects the pressure of your inhale. To check your battery level, you would need to remove/insert the pod as the LEDs will light up accordingly: one red LED shows 1-25% charge; two white LEDs indicate 25-50% charge; three white LEDs mean there is 50-75% capacity; and four white LEDs represent 75-100% battery life.


Setting up the device was really simple, thanks to the draw-activation and the pods utilising built-in coils. All I had to do was fill my pod with e-liquid - I used my favourite IVG nic salt flavour, Frozen Cherries in 5mg strength - wait for 5-10 minutes for the coil to prime, insert the pod into the device and begin vaping. It’s that easy!

As mentioned previously, the GENE AI 1.2 chipset amends the wattage for you, which I actually prefer. Devices that use an adjustable wattage system are always quite fiddly, and it’s sometimes difficult to understand how to use them. I tend to take softer and lighter drags, so it’s comforting to know that the Argus P1 can detect that and change the wattage output to match my style of vaping without me having to do anything.

The flavour delivery was absolutely phenomenal in my eyes. I know VOOPOO has stated that they use ITO Atomisation technology to achieve an intense flavour delivery and perfect MTL inhale. Well, I can say that they weren’t lying! I am more of a sweet e-liquid user, which can hinder the coil life, as opposed to using a menthol flavour; however, the coil life wasn’t noticeably affected that much - the pod still lasted me a considerable amount of time.

I used both pods that it came with, and I favoured the 0.7ohm due to the airier draw and flavour delivery. We all know that the lower resistance you use, the more power the kit uses to provide an intense flavour and cloud. On the other hand, the 0.7ohm did use up the e-liquid and battery life much faster than the 1.2ohm, so I found myself charging and refilling more times than I would with other resistances. As the 1.2 ohm is a higher resistance, less power is needed for flavour and vapour production; therefore, the battery life is extended throughout the day, and the e-liquid usage is seemingly lower. Furthermore, there were no leaks at all, but there appeared to be a slight condensation build-up - this didn’t bother me as it’s common across all vape devices and is expected.


Overall, the VOOPOO Argus P1 is a really aesthetically pleasing kit with a futuristic feel and premium build. My favourite components of this device are the flavour delivery, design and portability (due to its minuscule size).

I really admire how VOOPOO has incorporated many innovative attributes that assist with battery life and flavour/vapour production. These features become apparent when using the Argus P1, as the device provides a vibrant taste sensation and dense vapour clouds (especially with the 0.7ohm pod).

The focal selling point is the fast-charging aspect, and if you can get your hands on an adaptor that supports PD charging, that would elevate your experience even more! Even with regular charging, the Argus P1 still takes a mere half hour to reach full power, making this device worth your time and investment.

All in all, this kit has proved to be one of the best pod mod systems I’ve ever tried throughout my vaping journey. I wholeheartedly recommend getting your hands on the VOOPOO Argus P1 if you want to get ahead of the game!