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How are "Approximate Cigarettes" calculated with electronic cigarettes?

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In e-cigarettes, often the first thing a customer looks for is the equivalent number of cigarettes their e-cigarette might deliver. This is because nearly every new electronic cigarette adopter comes from a smoking past.At The Electric Tobacconist, we usually use guidance from the brands we sell, but the ecig brands themselves can often use varying criteria (ie some bullish, some conservative) to estimate this approximation, so we have put together our own guide for the purposes of this blog and to help you work out how mych use you may get out of an ecig you are considering purchasing...How many puffs constitutes a cigarette? We estimate this to be around 10-12. So if you see an ecig offering, say, 500 puffs, this is around 45-50 cigarettes for the usual user. You may also want to consider, though, that you might take longer puffs on an e-cigarette, especially if you are still finding your ideal nicotine strength. I hope this helps!
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