UWELL is a reputable vape brand popularised by its quality vape hardware. UWELL believe in true product innovation, rather than simply following in the steps of its competitors. Explore the range below to find your next kit!

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Caliburn G3 Pods
UWELLCaliburn G3 Pods
4-Pack | For Caliburn G3
Caliburn A3S Pods
UWELLCaliburn A3S Pods
4-Pack | For Caliburn A3S
Caliburn G 0.8ohm Pods
UWELLCaliburn G 0.8ohm Pods
2-Pack | For Caliburn G
Caliburn A3 Pods
UWELLCaliburn A3 Pods
4-Pack | For Caliburn A3 & AK3
Caliburn X Pods
UWELLCaliburn X Pods
2-Pack | For Caliburn X Kit
Caliburn A2S Pods
UWELLCaliburn A2S Pods
4-Pack | For UWELL Caliburn A2S & A2
Popreel N1 Pods
UWELLPopreel N1 Pods
2-Pack | For UWELL Popreel N1
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Popreel N1
UWELLPopreel N1
Pod Mod Kit
Was £12.99 | save £3.00From£9.99
Caliburn G2 Pods
UWELLCaliburn G2 Pods
2-Pack | For use with UWELL Caliburn G2 Kit
Was £4.99 | save £0.50From£4.49
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Caliburn G2
UWELLCaliburn G2
Pod Mod Kit
Was £24.99 | save £2.00From£22.99
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Caliburn AK2
Was £17.99 | save £2.00From£15.99
Caliburn A2 Pods
UWELLCaliburn A2 Pods
4-Pack | For UWELL Caliburn A2 & AK2
Caliburn G Coils
UWELLCaliburn G Coils
4-Pack | For Caliburn G Range
Was £11.99 | save £2.00From£9.99
Caliburn G Pods
UWELLCaliburn G Pods
2-Pack | For UWELL Caliburn G Kit
Was £4.99 | save £0.50From£4.49
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Caliburn G
UWELLCaliburn G
Pod Mod Kit
Was £24.99 | save £2.00From£22.99
Caliburn KOKO Pods
UWELLCaliburn KOKO Pods
4-Pack | For Caliburn & Caliburn KOKO


UWELL is based in Shenzen, China, amongst several other vaping giants such as Innokin and SMOK; the main difference between UWELL and it's monumental competition is the vision the company has. The team behind UWELL believe in originality and pride themselves on not following the crowd. Rather than simply offering devices that keep up with the competition, UWELL is constantly working on furthering new features and improving the experience of their growing user base. A dedicated R&D team are employed to explore the possibilities, from which the best ideas are built into their newest hardware.


The newest addition to the UWELL range is the Caliburn, a pod-style device that boasts a long-lasting battery, excellent flavour and compact dimensions. The device can be locked for safety purposes and is extremely user-friendly, making it a perfect starter kit for new vapers. Each pod contains a unique patented UWELL coil build, which harnesses Pro-FOCS flavour technology (Professional Flavor Optimizing Core System). This means pod mod vaping is tastier than ever before.


Fans of UWELL products rarely have a bad thing to say. Their vape kits are well-built and offer a smooth and enjoyable experience, without any common vaping inconveniences like dry hits or leaking. The brand takes the industry standard and improves it, ensuring customers are only receiving the best of the best.


We're excited to offer a modest range of UWELL products at The Electric Tobacconist UK. As well as UWELL products we also stock a range of suitable e-liquids to keep you topped up. Any order over £20 is eligible for free UK delivery and we accept most forms of payment, including PayPal, credit and debit cards.