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Elf Bars offer a simple and satisfying alternative to conventional refillable vapes. Boasting a premium nicotine salt formula and powerful internal battery, Elf Bar Disposables are versatile, beginner-friendly and great for on-the-go use.
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Elf Bar 600 group shot displaying five flavours: Elfblul Grape, Strawberry Cream, Apple Peach and Blueberry Sour Raspberry
ELF BAR600 Disposable
0mg, 10mg & 20mg | 40+ Flavours | £2.50/ml
Mate 500 Kit
ELF BARMate 500 Kit
Pod Mod | Pods Sold Separately
5 Packs for £24.49
Pink Lemonade P1 Pods
ELF BARPink Lemonade P1 Pods
2-Pack | For Elf Bar Mate 500
5 Packs for £24.49
Cola P1 Pods
ELF BARCola P1 Pods
2-Pack | For Elf Bar Mate 500
ELFA Starter Kit

Looking for a convenient and easy-to-use vape kit that's disposable and pre-filled with flavoured e-liquid? Look no further than Elf Bars! These handy vape kits come pre-charged and are made for single use, with each bar containing 2ml of e-liquid that's infused with a nicotine salt formula for faster nicotine delivery and absorption.

With Elf Bars, you can enjoy approximately 600 puffs per bar, thanks to the generous 550mAh battery that powers each device. Plus, Elf Bars feature a constant output that ensures your draw remains consistent over time, without any drop in power or flavour that's often seen with other disposables.

What Are Elf Bars?

Elf Bars are prefilled and pre-charged vape kits that are disposable, which means they are made for single use. Each bar contains 2ml of flavoured e-liquid, with flavours ranging from fruits and drinks to tobacco and cream. The internal e-liquid is made with a nicotine salt formula which amplifies your draw with faster nicotine delivery and absorption. In this way, Elf Bars emulate the sensation of a cigarette!

Exclusive features include the constant output, which makes your draw more consistent over time; many disposables see a drop in power and flavour after prolonged use, while Elf Bars do not. What's more, a generous 550mAh battery powers these devices, providing more puffs per bar than many competitors!

What Are The Different Types Of Elf Bar?

The original Elf Bar device was the 600; these simple disposable vape bars are the most popular and are also available in the widest range of flavours. The Elf Bar 600 features a soft-touch rubber coating and utilises an ergonomic narrow mouthpiece for a simple draw style that closely emulates the feel of a traditional cigarette. This classic Elf Bar model is available in over 25 flavours, with nicotine-free options as well.

Two smaller Elf Bar collections, the T600 and the NC600, have unique features that make them well-suited to certain kinds of vapers. The NC600 Elf Bar boasts a slim design with a wider 'duck-bill' style mouthpiece; this range also introduced new yoghurt and energy flavours which proved immensely popular with the original Elf Bar release. The T600 Elf Bar has similar dimensions to the original 600 but uses a unique filter-style mouthpiece for an even more authentic draw and mouthfeel.

The most recent addition to the Elf Bar collection is the Lost Mary: a compact pod-style device that fits comfortably in your palm. This collection features a square design, unlike the other product ranges, and boasts an eye-catching colour gradient design.

All Elf Bar ranges offer 600 puffs; there is also no difference in price, so try them all and see which feels best for you.

What Elf Bar Flavours Are Most Popular?

There are several dozen different Elf Bar flavours on offer, with the most popular picks being Blue Razz Lemonade, a sparkling berry and citrus blend, Watermelon, a luscious and juicy melon flavour, and Energy Ice, a chilled mixture of tropical energy drink and menthol flavours!

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