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The Disposable Vape Ban & Tax On Vaping: What's Happening?

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In a year of significant changes and discussions surrounding vaping, recent announcements have brought about two pivotal measures in the vaping regulation in the UK. Earlier this year, the proposal to ban single-use vapes shook the industry, followed recently by the announcement of a tax on vaping products.


What Vaping Bans & Taxes Has The Government Proposed?

The initial bombshell dropped earlier in the year when ministers put forward a proposition to ban single-use vapes. This move, spurred by calls from councils, leading paediatricians, and environmental campaigners, aimed to address both health and environmental concerns. The ban stemmed from concerns that these disposable devices were predominantly targeting children, leading to potential addiction. The consultation, which supposedly took place the following week after the announcement, underlined the government's commitment to limiting access to vaping products among young individuals.

The recently proposed tax on vaping products marks a new chapter in the efforts to promote a smoke-free generation. Introduced by UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak in his first king’s speech, the tax aligns with the broader strategy aimed at reducing smoking rates, particularly among young individuals. It emphasises the government's intention to tax cigarettes at a higher rate than vapes, recognising vapes as a potential tool to cut smoking despite acknowledging their health risks.

Simultaneously, the historical tobacco and vapes bill, anticipated to be introduced soon, aims not only to impose stricter regulations on vaping for the protection of children but also to phase out the sale of cigarettes to individuals aged 14 or younger. According to this, people born after January 2009 will never be able to legally purchase cigarettes.

Why Is The Vape Ban & Tax Happening?

The environmental and health concerns related to the disposal of single-use vapes have amplified the need for a comprehensive approach to regulation. The staggering statistic of approximately 5 million disposable vapes being discarded weekly in the UK, with only 17% of these being recycled correctly, underscores the scale of the environmental impact caused by these disposable devices.

Furthermore, there is, unfortunately, little-to-no regulation of the sale of vaping products in local shops. Many non-TPD-compliant disposable vapes are being sold to minors as well as adults, and these types of vapes are not legal in the UK due to the health concerns they raise.

As the UK continues to navigate these significant changes in the vaping landscape, the global perspective becomes increasingly relevant. The international trend of implementing bans or restrictions on vaping, particularly targeting child-oriented and disposable products, highlights the importance of addressing this issue on a global scale.

When Can We Expect The Vape Ban & Tax To Take Effect?

The UK government plans to commence the disposable vape ban and tax on vaping products in 2024 - this includes a sell-out period, allowing shops to sell their existing stock. However, it is worth noting there are no concrete commencement dates. These policy changes are still in the discussion and proposal stages, and the government will need to consider numerous factors, including public opinion, industry impact, and legislative processes before these measures come into effect. Therefore, it remains uncertain when exactly these changes will be implemented.

The Electric Tobacconist’s Thoughts

The Electric Tobacconist is an online retailer of vaping products; however, we have strict measures in place to age-verify all customers who purchase from us. We also do not promote the use of vapes to those who do not already vape or smoke. We stand by the fact that vapes are a less harmful alternative to cigarettes and can be an effective way of weaning yourself off cigarettes/nicotine completely.

To tackle the environmental issue, we encourage our customers to return used and depleted products so we can recycle them on their behalf. Much like the government, we want to eliminate the littering of single-use vapes and packaging, as well as the use of vaping products by children. As an online retailer, we are bound by vaping regulations; therefore, every single product you find on The Electric Tobacconist site is TPD-compliant and abides by the laws set in place.

Let us all advocate for measures that prioritise public health, safeguard children, and support adult smokers in their journey towards less harmful choices, ultimately moving closer to a smoke-free future for all. Stay informed, stay engaged, and here's to a brighter, healthier future!

Public Consultation

The government has introduced a public consultation about the proposed disposable vape ban and tobacco and vapes bill for all of you to participate in! Your voice matters; therefore, we kindly ask that you please press the button below to submit your answers to the consultation. More information on this will be addressed in a separate blog post, so stay tuned!

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The UK government has announced a ban on disposable vapes as part of its plans to protect children’s health and prevent youth vaping. Disposable vapes are compact devices designed for single use that contain nicotine. Unfortunately, in recent years, they have been linked to a sharp increase in the number of young people who vape, which can be harmful and addictive.

The ban will cover all disposable vapes, as well as nicotine pouches, which are another alternative product that can be sold to minors under a loophole in current UK law. The government will also introduce new powers to restrict vape flavours, packaging, and how they are displayed in shops and to impose higher fines for underage sales. The ban is expected to be introduced across the UK by early 2025, after a six-month transition period for retailers. Vaping products that are refillable and designed for adult smokers who want to quit will still be legal but subject to stricter regulations. Click here to read more information on the government-proposed ban on disposable vapes.