Nicotine Pouches

Looking for another tobacco-free alternative? Nicotine pouches offer a discreet and seamless way of ingesting nicotine and are ideal for situations where vaping isn’t permitted. Explore the range and find out more below:

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Polar Mint Nicotine Pouches
VeloPolar Mint Nicotine Pouches
Spearmint & cool menthol
Ice Cool Nicotine Pouches
Freeze Nicotine Pouches
VeloFreeze Nicotine Pouches
Peppermint & ice menthol
Urban Vibe Nicotine Pouches
VeloUrban Vibe Nicotine Pouches
Cranberry, cherry & mixed berries
Tropic Breeze Nicotine Pouches
VeloTropic Breeze Nicotine Pouches
Mandarin, passionfruit & mango
Polar Mint Mini Nicotine Pouches
VeloPolar Mint Mini Nicotine Pouches
Spearmint & cool menthol

What are nicotine pouches?

Nicotine pouches are another tobacco alternative, similar to e-cigarettes. They are small pouches that slip between your bottom lip and gum to sate nicotine cravings - and are completely tobacco free. Nic pouches do not stain your teeth or cause bad breath, and are a discreet way to ingest nicotine in situations where e-cigarettes may not be an option. There are no accessories or parts required; just choose a flavour and strength and you’re ready to get started. 

Nicotine pouches contain a small handful of necessary ingredients; typically nicotine salt, plant-based fillers, PH stabilisers and flavourings. 

Nicotine salt is a form of nicotine found naturally in the tobacco leaf. Many e-liquids - known as nic salt e-liquids - also use this nicotine formula. The filler is what bulks out the pouch and is made from only food-grade ingredients, often consisting of plant fibres such as bamboo or wheat. The exact ingredients vary from brand to brand; see individual packs for details.

How are nicotine pouches used?

Nicotine pouches are extremely easy to use; just pop one out of the pack and place it between your lip and gum/teeth. Most manufacturers recommend doing so behind your top lip as this tends to be more comfortable, but the pouches can be used behind your bottom lip as well. You can use your tongue to position the pouch more comfortably.

You can remove the pouch when you’d like to. Most will keep them in place for between 15-60 minutes. Once the pouch has been removed, it can be thrown away as general waste or kept in the separate compartment of your case for later disposal. For frequently asked questions and a detailed guide on how to use nicotine pouches, check out our nicotine pouch guide

What are the advantages of using nicotine pouches?

Nicotine pouches offer a convenient way to intake nicotine when on the go, especially when in areas where other alternatives aren’t allowed. You can use your nicotine pouches in restaurants and cinemas, on public transport and aeroplanes, or even at the office. The pouches don’t create any odour, smoke or vapour, and can discreetly be placed into your mouth when they’re needed. 

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