BLU Vape

Founded in 2009, BLU has since become a global brand known for producing popular and forward-thinking vaping supplies. Rigorous quality control and extremely high production standards have secured BLU a place amongst the top brands for excellent-quality vape kits and e-liquids.

Blu 2.0 Collection
MyBlu Collection
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Blu 2.0 Device Kit
BLUBlu 2.0 Device Kit
Battery Only | Pods Sold Separately
Multibuy Discounts
Blu 2.0 Golden Tobacco Pods
BLUBlu 2.0 Golden Tobacco Pods
2-Pack - £1.75/ml | For Blu 2.0
5 For £20
10 For £38
Blu Bar Disposable group shot showing five different flavours
BLUBlu Bar Disposable
20mg | 19 Flavours | £3.00/ml
Multibuy Discounts
Blu 2.0 Berry Mix Pods
BLUBlu 2.0 Berry Mix Pods
2-Pack - £1.75/ml | For Blu 2.0
Multibuy Discounts
Blu 2.0 Fresh Mint Pods
BLUBlu 2.0 Fresh Mint Pods
2-Pack - £1.75/ml | For Blu 2.0
Multibuy Discount
Pro Clearomizer
BLUPro Clearomizer
1.8ml tank capacity
One Free E-Liquid
Pro Kit
BLUPro Kit
Vape Pen Kit
Multibuy Discounts
Blu 2.0 Blueberry Ice Pods
BLUBlu 2.0 Blueberry Ice Pods
2-Pack - £1.75/ml | For Blu 2.0
Multibuy Discounts
Blu 2.0 Fresh Mango Pods
BLUBlu 2.0 Fresh Mango Pods
2-Pack - £1.75/ml | For Blu 2.0
Multibuy Discounts
Blu 2.0 Polar Menthol Pods
BLUBlu 2.0 Polar Menthol Pods
2-Pack - £1.75/ml | For Blu 2.0
4 E-Liquids For £10
Berry Swirl 10ml E-Liquid
BLUBerry Swirl 10ml E-Liquid
Strawberry, raspberry & blueberry

Explore the BLU Range

In terms of hardware, the most popular BLU device is the myblu pod mod kit and the more recently released Blu 2.0 pod kit. Bringing next generation pod technology to a lightweight and ergonomic frame, the myblu is ideal for on the go use and has been praised as an excellent alternative to cigarettes.

BLU also have a small and refined range of well-performing vape pen kits. The BLU Pro is a testament to the top-standard vision BLU hold as a company. This simple to use starter kit is popular with new and experienced vapers alike thanks to their quality and versatility.

The BLU e-liquid range of flavours have been tried and tested and are remarkably popular in the vaping community. Previously only available in cartomizer form, American industry giants BLU entered the; e-juice market in the summer of 2014 before launching a newer UK-made range for the British market in 2016 BLU have invested a lot of time in creating their flavours from scratch, and continue to revisit older flavours for further improvement.

What Do the BLU fans say about the brand?

BLU is praised for having a customer-oriented approach to the manufacturing and selling of their products. When customers offer feedback, BLU listen. Several new flavours have been designed and introduced to the blu e-liquids and blu 2 pods range; in direct response to customer feedback, and some of their classic options have been revisited and improved to ensure they remain competitive in a quickly diversifying e-liquid market. On top of this, the brand launched a delightful disposable product, called the BLU Bar in 2023!

BLU at The Electric Tobacconist:

The Electric Tobacconist vape shop is an official BLU Vape stockist. We pride ourselves on selling the BLU range at the lowest prices in the UK, ensuring you get only the best value for money. All BLU e-liquids are included in our 4 for £10 deal, too!

Looking to buy BLU in the USA? Click here. We stock all major UK & US brands, including the likes of Vuse & 10 Motives.

Common Questions

Can I Put Any E-liquid In My Blu Vape?

You can fill your Blu Pro with any e-liquid as long as the composition is suited to the coil type in your device - the Blu Pro works best with 50/50 e-liquids. Unfortunately, you can only use cartridge kits like the Blu 2.0 and the myblu with their compatible pre-filled pods.

Can I Use Blu Vape Juice In Other Vapes?

For the most part, Blu e-liquids are compatible with any other device apart from sub-ohm capable devices, which require high VG e-liquids.

Where Can I Buy Blu E-cigs?

You can purchase Blu products from any supermarket or vape shop; however, we recommend buying these online for cost-efficiency purposes. If you were to purchase Blu from us at The Electric Tobacconist, you could redeem many multi-buy offers and exclusive deals for the best price.

Are Blu Vapes Good?

Blu is a leading innovator within the vaping industry, and this is reflected in our sales of Blu products here at The Electric Tobacconist - they are one of our most popular and top-selling brands.