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myblu Discontinued in the UK: The Best Alternative

Image for myblu Discontinued in the UK: The Best Alternative

Unfortunately, blu has discontinued the myblu kit and pod range in the UK, which may make it harder for loyal users to find and purchase. However, this is still available to buy in the US! As a customer, you may be reluctant to go on the hunt for suitable alternatives and essentially let go of the familiarity the myblu range offers. After all, we tend to dislike change as human beings.

In this blog post, we aim to offer some insight into the discontinuation of the myblu product range and help guide users to the best alternative. But first, let’s dive into some FAQs to keep you up to speed on what is happening:



Have the myblu pods and device been discontinued?

Yes, the entire myblu range, including the device, is no longer being manufactured; therefore, stock will eventually be impossible to find and buy.

Why has blu ceased production of the myblu range?

Frankly, there is no official reason why blu discontinued this range, although there are a few potential factors behind this decision. The most likely reason blu ceased production on these is because they merely wanted to redirect their focus on brand growth and make room for newer lines.

Can I still purchase myblu online or in-store?

You may be able to find some sites and stores that are still selling these if you’re lucky; however, please note that this is highly unlikely as supply will be limited. As it’s been a while since blu initiated the discontinuation of these products, finding stock of these is now nearly impossible.

The Best Alternative To The myblu

The blu 2.0

For users unwilling to sacrifice the experience to which they’re accustomed, the blu 2.0 is the ideal alternative to the myblu Intense Starter kit. It’s a new and improved successor to the myblu device with a whole new range of pods. Luckily, the blu 2.0 pod collection boasts some of the same flavours as the older range, allowing users to indulge in their favourite tastes. Examples include Golden Tobacco, Green Apple and Strawberry Mint.

The blu 2.0 adopts a sleek and compact design, much like the myblu kit. The only difference is the blu 2.0 is made with metal alloy rather than plastic, giving it a more premium feel. Utilising a more secure magnetic connection, the pods seamlessly connect to the device, eliminating wiggle room - blu consumers will be relieved to hear that they've finally fixed this issue!

The myblu pods were notorious for emitting a popping sound at initial use and provided a much noisier drag, whereas the blu 2.0 pods are practically silent from the get-go! Each inhale is significantly smoother than its predecessor, regardless of the nicotine strength you use. This feature appeals to those who weren’t particularly fond of the throat irritation that accompanied myblu pods, especially with higher nicotine strengths. You can thank the integrated heating technology for this, as the blu 2.0 pods adopt a ceramic coating across the wire coil, maximising the surface area for a more consistent vape and prolonged coil life.

The myblu kit had a battery capacity of 350mAh, but the blu 2.0 has upgraded to 400mAh, so vapers get more usage out of it. As less power is needed to activate this kit, the blu 2.0 operates more efficiently than the myblu and other devices in the market. Consumers have reported receiving almost 24 hours of use on just one charge! The 2.0 pods also have 0.4ml more e-liquid inside than the myblu pods, equating to approximately 25% more puffs per cartridge, lasting slightly longer than one full charge.

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