Vaporesso make the transition to customising and modding your own e-cigs easy. Their range of precision engineered hardware, mods and tanks ensure you get kit you can be proud of and delivers the best vape experience every time. Shop the range below:

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About Vaporesso

Vaporesso is a Chinese-based vaping hardware company whose emphasis is on product safety and advanced technology. They are based in Shenzhen and create products which cater to both newcomers to vaping and people with experience in creating their own mods and kits. Vaporesso dedicate a lot of funding and energy to research and development to ensure all of their tanks, box mods and other developments are of the highest level of quality, safety and performance.

Vaporesso is committed to bringing safety, convenience and accessibility to the e-cigarette industry. They are dedicated to working with the newest technologies and harnessing them for the market. This includes working on leakless tanks, accessible mods for all kinds of vapers and improved heating elements for tanks. Their creations include full e-cigarette kits, atomisers including tanks, mods and batteries and the CCELL Ceramic Vape Coil, which they describe as a game changer in the industry. Vapers of all experiences are invited to try products from the Vaporesso range.

Vaporesso Signature Products

Vaporesso is a relatively young brand in the vaping industry but they were quickly recognised for the quality of their products. The first one which caught the eye of vapers was the Target Mod, with its ergonomic design, functional vape trigger and hundreds of customisable options. They quickly followed this up with further hardware products, ideal for vapers of all experiences. Their range includes the popular Vaporesso XROS Nano, a compact and powerful pod mod. The Vaporesso product range is developing rapidly and they strive to ensure they are at the cutting edge of the market. They want more people to embrace the benefits of customising your own vape equipment. In their own words they imagine a world where their products change the lives of their end users, whether in terms of smoking cessation or for recreation and enjoyment. Other hardware brands in The Electric Tobacconist collection include SMOK and KUWELL, and as you get to know which mods suit your needs, you’ll soon create the kit you need for the perfect vape. We also sell a range of Vaporesso coils for your tank or kit.

What do the Fans Say?

Fans of Vaporesso are impressed by the highly engineered, cutting-edge design their products offer. They also believe the company is hitting its targets when it comes to accessibility as the products are especially easy to use too. All Vaporesso hardware is designed to the highest level of both safety and quality, which means there are plenty of reviews out there praising the superiority of many of their products.

Vaporesso at The Electric Tobacconist

The Electric Tobacconist vape shop has a range of Vaporesso mods and accessories in our range. You can experience the high quality of their designs and remember, we offer free delivery with all orders over £20. If you have the experience in building and customising your own e-cigs, then Vaporesso mods do not disappoint, but it’s also important to note they want their products to be accessible to all. Vaporesso products are a great starting point for novice vapers.