Vaporesso make the transition to customising and modding your own e-cigs easy. Their range of precision engineered hardware, mods and tanks ensure you get kit you can be proud of and delivers the best vape experience every time. Shop the range below:

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About Vaporesso

Vaporesso is a Chinese-based vaping hardware company whose emphasis is on product safety and advanced technology. They are based in Shenzhen and create products which cater to both vaping newcomers and people with experience in creating their own mods and kits. Vaporesso dedicate a lot of funding and energy to the research and development process to ensure all of their  tanksrefillable pod mods and other products are of the highest level of quality, safety and performance.

Vaporesso is committed to bringing safety, convenience and accessibility to the vaping industry. They are dedicated to working with the newest technologies and harnessing them for the market. This includes working on anti-leak pods, user-friendly pod vapes for all kinds of users and improved heating technology for flavour. Their creations include refillable mouth-to-lung pod vapes, pods with integrated coils, and many more products which they describe as game changers in the industry. Vapers of all experience levels are invited to try products from the Vaporesso range.

Featured Reviews from ET Customers

Vaporesso XROS 3 Mini

Love this vape pen! Flavours of liquid are amazing and it does NOT leak! The colours of the pens themselves are beautiful and I just love it! Saves me buying disposable ones and wasting so much money! I had an issue to start with the pod tasted like burning.. I got into contact with customer services and they were so helpful and the process of helping me was so quick! Really grateful and amazing staff. Thank you and I will be recommending this company to everyone I know that vapes!

Amy G

10th Feb 2024

Vaporesso XROS Pods

The draw is always smooth and plenty of choice of coils for different strengths. Very rare you will get a dud pod and can normally withstand most accidental drops onto the floor. Great value for money and find that the design and ease of use is superior to other similar products.


2nd Feb 2024

Explore the Vaporesso range

Vaporesso is a leading brand in the vaping industry, known for its innovative and high-quality products. We will introduce you to some of their latest devices in the range, which offer great performance, flavor, and design.

Vaporesso XROS 3

The Vaporesso XROS 3 is a pod kit that offers great flavour and consistency for tight MTL and RDL experiences, with a 0.6Ω pod and a 1000mAh battery. It adopts Corex Heating technology, an upgraded mouthpiece for extra comfort, and a neon battery indicator. It also features an AXON chip with Pulse Mode, which intensifies the power and flavour of your vape. The XROS 3 is compatible with all XROS pods, which have a top-filling design and leak-resistant technology.

Vaporesso XROS 3 Mini

Next, we have the Vaporesso XROS 3 Mini, a compact and powerful vape kit that offers the best MTL vaping experience with its 1000mAh battery, SSS leak-resistant technology, and a top-filling system. It comes with one pod, which adopts a 0.6Ω resistance, making it compatible with 50/50 nicotine salt e-liquids. The XROS 3 Mini has a diamond pattern design, a refined curve base, and a draw-activated system, which makes it easy and comfortable to use.

Two XROS 3 Mini devices in front of a light background, one floating and another slightly leaning

Vaporesso Luxe Q2

Finally, we present the  Vaporesso Luxe Q2, a luxurious and powerful device that comes with two 2ml Luxe Q 0.6ohm and 1.0ohm mesh pods and a powerful 1000mAh battery. The device has a premium leather design, and boasts USB-C fast charging, which fuels your kit to full capacity from zero in just 30 minutes. The Luxe Q2 pods deliver large vapour clouds, great flavour, and continuous throat hits.

Vaporesso Xros Pro

Finally, we present the 2024-launched Vaporesso Xros Pro, which elevates vaping with its 0.4Ω pod and adjustable power up to 30W, ensuring a robust Restricted Direct Lung (RDL) experience. It combines COREX Heating Tech and AXON Super Pulse mode for consistently intense flavor.

Two Vaporesso LUXE devices floating in front of a light background

Why Shop Vaporesso from The Electric Tobacconist?

When you choose The Electric Tobacconist for your Vaporesso products, you're selecting a trusted and experienced retailer. Established in 2013 as one of the first online vape shops, we've been at the forefront of the industry ever since. Our impressive 98% recommendation rating on reflects our dedication to customer satisfaction. As registered members of UKVIA, we prioritise industry standards, ensuring top-notch product quality and safety for the user. With over two million successfully shipped orders, we've built a reliable reputation. You can count on The Electric Tobacconist for all your vaping needs!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do Vaporesso pods last?

Generally, all Vaporesso pods last anywhere between two weeks to one month, depending on the type of e-liquid you use and how often you vape. If you use sweeter vape liquids that are darker in colour and have a high nicotine strength, you may find that your pod lasts shorter than it would if you were to use menthol, clear, and low strength/ nicotine free e-liquids.

Why is my Vaporesso kit blinking red five times?

When any of your Vaporesso kits blink red five times, this indicates a coil short circuit. To fix this, clean your kit with a dry tissue and change your pod. Once this has been done, your device should then function as normal.

How long does a Vaporesso device take to charge?

This depends on the type of device you have. For example, the Luxe Q2 adopts fast-charging and boasts a 30 minute total charge time from zero to 100%. On the other hand, the XROS Pro's fast-charging feature takes 35 minutes to reach full capacity. Nearly all Vaporesso kits utilise rapid charging; however, the time it takes varies on the kit.

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