E-liquid (aka vape liquid) is essential for your e-cigarette. It is the solution you load into your e cig to give it its vapour, flavour and nicotine content. Wondering where to buy e-liquid? Shop a range of over 1000 flavours of e-liquid below:

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About E-Liquid

E-liquid combines nicotine, flavourings, propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, which is atomised to create the vapour in your e-cigarette. As a result, this provides an experience that closely replicates that of smoking a cigarette without burning any material - this means that by vaporising e-liquids, you won't inhale the toxins and other damaging chemicals found in combustible tobacco. Aside from the health benefits, vape liquid comes in a huge range of flavour options, so you aren't stuck with just the taste of tobacco: there'll always be new vape liquids to try and blends to experience!

The Electric Tobacconist UK has a fantastic range of e-liquid available, from nicotine-free up to the maximum 20mg nicotine strength allowed. Make sure to browse our refillable pod vape range and our vape pen section for ideas of which device you want to use your vape liquid with. Sub-ohm and short-fill e-liquids are suitable with a cloud kit; higher-PG vape liquids are best for smaller refillable vape pen kits. Short-fill e-liquids are nicotine-free and come in larger bottles: mix in a nicotine shot, and they're ready to vape! We also have a collection of nicotine salt e-liquids for those who want a powerful nicotine rush without any harshness. Nic salt e-liquids are best used in low-powered mouth-to-lung devices and refillable pod mods for a quick and satisfying vape on the go.

Shop our £1 e-liquid range or our 5 for £10 and 6 for £10 deals if you're looking for the cheap and cheerful stuff!

E-Liquid Flavour Options

Our wide range of e-liquids includes everything from menthol and strawberry to butterscotch and cherry cola. There are vape juice flavours to cater to every taste: nostalgic sweet shop favourites, indulgent desserts, straightforward fruit, menthol or tobacco juices and even more novel blends containing aniseed, nuts or spices. You can even mix your e-liquid to find a unique vape flavour you like; for example, blend blueberry and tobacco to find the perfect match for your taste buds. Ex-smokers who make the switch to vaping are often amazed at the sheer range of flavour profiles available: no longer will you have to choose between tobacco or menthol when you get your nicotine fix! There are all kinds of brands manufacturing complex, artisanal e-liquids that are perfect for a whole range of different situations: dessert e-liquids that are perfect for after a meal; coffee vape liquid for caffeine-free relaxation; menthol blends to keep you feeling fresh throughout the day; and many, many more.

Types of E-Liquid

Wondering what different types of e-liquid are available? The main types of e-liquid we offer are:

- High-PG E-Liquid: High-PG e-liquid has a higher ratio of PG to VG; therefore, the vape juice is thinner in consistency and will carry flavour very well. High-PG vape liquids are best used in vape pens, refillable pod mods and other similar starter kits. The coils used with high-PG e-liquids should have a resistance over 1 ohm.

- High-VG E-Liquid (Sub-Ohm E-Liquid): High-VG e-liquids are thicker in consistency and produce large clouds when vaporised. High-VG e-liquids should generally be used with sub-ohm kits and coils with a resistance below 1 ohm.

- 50/50 E-Liquid: 50/50 e-liquids have a 50% PG 50% VG ratio and are great for use in a majority of starter kits. 50/50 liquids give you satisfying vapour production alongside great flavour.

- Nicotine Salt E-Liquid: Nic salt e-liquids are made using nicotine salts instead of the usual freebase nicotine; therefore, they are smoother to vape at higher strengths and deliver a quick and satisfying hit of nicotine that's reminiscent of smoking a traditional cigarette. We recommend using nicotine salt e-liquids with low-powered starter kits and pod mods.

- Short-Fill E-Liquid: Short-fills are nicotine-free e-liquids and come in short-fill bottles, meaning there's enough space left to mix in a nicotine shot. Add a nic shot for a larger quantity of nicotine-containing e-liquid - this often works out cheaper than buying smaller bottles!

- Bar E-liquid: Bar e-liquids draw inspiration from disposable vapes and are essentially nicotine salts with double the concentrates and flavour intensity. This allows users to experiment with various tastes without straying too far from the disposable vape experience.

- Nicotine-Free E-liquid: As the name suggests, this e-liquid type is zero-nicotine - perfect for those who enjoy vaping as a hobby rather than to wean themselves off cigarettes.

Generally, e-liquids will fall into more than one of these categories.

Ingredients in E-Liquid:

There are five main ingredients in vape liquid:

- Nicotine: Various levels available from the highest of 20mg (2.0%) down to 0% (nicotine-free)

- Propylene Glycol: Most vape liquid contains between 20% and 80% propylene glycol - this is generally the ingredient that carries the flavour and creates a throat hit. High-PG e-liquids are thinner in consistency than high-VG e-liquids.

- Vegetable Glycerin: This ingredient is responsible for the amount of visible vapour when vaping your e-liquid. "Max VG" vape liquid is made with over 80% vegetable glycerin and can only be used in sub-ohm tanks. High-VG e-liquids are more viscous than high-PG e-liquids.

- Distilled Water

- Flavourings

E-Liquid in 2023

As 2023 progresses, disposable vapes have become an extremely popular alternative to refillable pod vapes. Whether you're curious about a new flavour or want to try vaping before committing to a set of e-liquids, we'd recommend exploring the Elf Bar or Crystal Bar disposable range! We are constantly adding new e-liquids to our range: keep watching this page to discover the newest and most popular vape juice from the UK and all over the world!

E-Liquid at The Electric Tobacconist UK

Once you've found the type of vape liquid you want to try from The Electric Tobacconist, why not see what some of our most popular e-juice brands have available for you? We stock a range of e-liquids from big names such as the excellent Edge e-liquid range, Elfliq e-liquid collection, and Riot E-liquid, so you'll always be able to find the vape juice flavour for you. We also offer exclusive e-liquid deals and multi-buys, such as 3 for £10 and 4 for £10, so you can get more bang for your buck! Browse our wide range of vape kits to find the perfect partner for your new e-liquid, from straightforward pod mods to advanced models like cloud kits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does e-liquid expire?

Vape liquid usually has a shelf life of around 2-3 years; therefore, they eventually expire.

Can I take e-liquid onto a plane?

Luckily, the general rule for liquids in your cabin luggage applies to vape liquids! As long as your e-liquid is no more than 100ml, you should be able to take this on a plane.

Why is my e-liquid turning brown?

Over time, your e-liquids can oxidise, and the nicotine within reacts with the flavourings, giving it a deeper yellow/brown hue. This is typical of all e-liquids, including the e-liquid found inside pods, and gives you an indication of when it was made - this process is known as steeping. There is no danger or cause for concern with a colour change, especially if your e-liquid is still in date. In fact, the flavour tends to be better once it has changed colour because it has had time to steep.