The Maryliq vape juice range matches the vivid flavour of the UK's top disposable vape: the Lost Mary! Experience the flavour you love over and over again by pairing a Maryliq e-liquid with your refillable vape kit.

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Does Lost Mary do vape juice?

The Maryliq range is the vape juice equivalent to the Lost Mary disposable vape you know. Some flavours replicate the disposable flavour profiles, including Triple Mango and Peach Ice, while others introduce all-new flavour combinations.

What kind of vape does Maryliq work best with?

Maryliq Salts are designed to be vivid in both flavour and nicotine feel. For this reason, it's recommended you use a pod vape or a vape pen as almost any device in these categories will perform well. Maryliq e-liquids are not recommended for use in sub-ohm vape kits.

What makes Maryliq different to other e-liquids?

Maryliq vape juice are considered 'bar e-liquids', meaning they utilise the same concentrates and flavour intensity of leading disposable vape kits.

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