IQOS delivers a satisfying taste and experience tailored to smokers looking to quit by heating real tobacco instead of burning it. Explore the IQOS range below:

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Menthol Range
Multibuy from £4.75 a pack
TEREA Amelia Pearl
IQOSTEREA Amelia Pearl
20 sticks | Cool Watermelon Tobacco
Was £5.95 | save £0.95From£5.00
Menthol Range
Multibuy from £4.75 a pack
TEREA Twilight Pearl
IQOSTEREA Twilight Pearl
20 sticks | Cool Blueberry Tobacco
Was £5.95 | save £0.95From£5.00
+ 2 packs of TEREA
IQOS Iluma One Kit in five colours
Heated Tobacco System
Was £29.00 | save £12.00From£17.00
+ 2 packs of TEREA
Collection of IQOS Iluma Kit
Heated Tobacco System
Was £49.00 | save £12.00From£37.00
Multibuy from £5.40 a pack
Tobacco Range
Terea Yellow Sticks Closed
20 sticks | Zesty Citrus Tobacco
Multibuy from £5.40 a pack
HEETS Mauve | 20-sticks
IQOSHEETS Mauve | 20-sticks
20 sticks | Cool Berry Tobacco
Multibuy from £5.40 a pack
HEETS Yellow | 20-sticks
IQOSHEETS Yellow | 20-sticks
20 sticks | Zesty Citrus Tobacco
Multibuy from £5.40 a pack
HEETS Sienna Caps | 20-sticks
IQOSHEETS Sienna Caps | 20-sticks
20 sticks | Crush-Ball Menthol Tobacco
Collection of IQOS 3 DUO Refurbished Holder and device

About IQOS

IQOS is brought to the market by Philip Morris International: a tobacco company focused on building a smoke-free future. Over 900 PMI employees, including scientists, engineers and technicians, work specifically on smoke-free products like the popular IQOS range.

IQOS is a heat-not-burn product that uses real tobacco. The key difference is that, instead of burning said tobacco as is standard in combustible cigarettes, the IQOS device heats tobacco (up to 350°C, in fact!). IQOS has gone through years of scientific assessments involving thousands of participants to make the product you see here today.

How Does IQOS Work?

IQOS devices use specially-made tobacco sticks. There are two ranges: HEETS and TEREA. HEETS are used with bladed IQOS devices, including the IQOS Originals DUO, while TEREA Sticks are used with bladeless IQOS devices including the ILUMA and ILUMA ONE.

The tobacco sticks are inserted into your IQOS holder. From there, the tobacco stick is heated; either via contact with a ceramic-coated blade or via electromagnetic conduction (TEREA only). Once heated, the light will glow solid. Use your IQOS as you would a cigarette; by inhaling on the filter of your HEETS or TEREA stick.

Once the experience is finished, remove the used stick and dispose of it. Your IQOS holder can be placed in your portable charger, ensuring it's ready for the next time.

An IQOS ILUMA ONE and an IQOS ILUMA with its charging unit open revealing the TEREA holder inside, in front of a teal coloured background.

Explore The IQOS Range

The IQOS range is made up of various devices from two separate generations. The IQOS 3 Duo Starter Kit is compatible with HEETS, while the IQOS ILUMA and IQOS ILUMA ONE is compatible with TEREA.
IQOS HEETS sticks are available in ten flavours, each of which contains a unique tobacco blend ranging from ice-infused menthol tobacco to rich malt-like blends. We recommend starting with Amber HEETS or Blue HEETS!
IQOS TEREA Sticks utilise SMARTCORE INDUCTION™, heating each stick from within for a smoother feel. Terea Sticks are available in nine flavours and closely replicate the flavour profiles from the aforementioned HEETS range, so for a tobacco flavour, look out for Amber, Teak or Sienna, or for those who prefer menthol, check out Terea Green or Blue.

An IQOS ILUMA in Sunset Red colour, standing in front of a pink/sunset red background with its TEREA stick holder standing next to the charging case.

IQOS At Electric Tobacconist UK

Whether you're looking to learn more about IQOS or try it for yourself, The Electric Tobacconist stocks a huge range of IQOS products with exclusive discounts available on HEETS and TEREA ranges. We accept all major payment forms, including PayPal and Amex, and provide fully tracked First Class Royal Mail shipping as standard - orders totalling £20 or more qualify for free UK delivery!

Two packs of Blue IQOS TEREA Sticks floating in front of a blue background

Featured Reviews of IQOS

IQOS 3 DUO Refurbished Starter Kit

"My refurbished IQOS arrrived in the genuine packaging and only the sticker on the box gave away the fact that it was a refurbished device. The device itself and the plug and usb cable were all as new with no scratches etc on the device.I had been looking everywhere for this device and was so pleased to get it for the bargain price of £10 which saved me paying the normal price at this time of £49.99. The device works very well and I am delighted with my purchase!"

Lauren B

7th Feb 2024


"These are the best I have found to replace smoking cigarettes. HEETS are smooth and do not give you that annoying cough. Price is not bad either. Quick delivery from E.T and easy ordering."

Amanda R

5th Feb 2024


"Was a fan of the iqos and I had 3 of them, decided to upgrade to ILUMA and Terra and I have to say what amazing products. The device is a bit chunkier than the old version however there’s no blade and no faffing about with cleaning. Terea sticks I feel are even better than HEETS and are crisper tasting. I’m extremely happy and I never go anywhere other than Electric Tobacconist for all my baking needs."

Kelly M

29th Dec 2023

Why shop IQOS at The Electric Tobacconist?

When you choose The Electric Tobacconist for your IQOS heated tobacco, you're selecting a trusted and experienced retailer. Established in 2013 as one of the first online vape shops, we've been at the forefront of the industry ever since. Our impressive 98% recommendation rating on reflects our dedication to customer satisfaction. As registered members of UKVIA, we prioritise industry standards, ensuring top-notch product quality and safety for the user. With over two million successfully shipped orders, we've built a reliable reputation. You can always count on ET for all your vaping and nicotine requirements!

Frequently Asked Questions about IQOS

Does IQOS smell?

As the IQOS is smoke-free, the smell it produces is a lot less potent than traditional cigarettes. It's not entirely odourless; however, rest assured the aroma is not the same, nor does it linger.

How do I reset my IQOS?

Both the Originals Duo and the Iluma can be reset by placing the holder in the charging case and pressing and holding the button on the case for 10 seconds. The lights will then turn off, blink twice, and turn on again to confirm the reset. However, the IQOS Iluma One only needs to be pressed for 7 seconds for a factory reset.

Can you smoke HEETS & TEREA sticks without IQOS?

Although HEETS and TEREA sticks resemble cigarettes, these cannot actually be smoked, as they are meant for use with the IQOS devices. The tobacco inside the sticks is also soaked in vegetable glycerin to create an aerosol-like vapour, not smoke.

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