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What is Heated Tobacco? Understanding the Hype

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People are always looking for less harmful alternatives to smoking - that's where heat-not-burn products come in. They deliver nicotine but leave out the harmful chemicals you'd usually get from cigarette smoke. These new tobacco products are gaining a lot of traction from people who used to smoke and those who vape. So, what makes heat-not-burn products different from vaping or regular smoking? Let's take a closer look at these products and see how they could make smoking safer for everyone.


What is heated tobacco?

Heated tobacco has caused a shift in the world of smoking/vaping. Instead of burning cigarettes at obscene temperatures, most heated tobacco products heat them at around 350°C. Studies show these heat-not-burn products produce fewer harmful chemicals than regular cigarettes. Now, these new products are available in 49 countries, with recognition from The World Health Organisation - it's the best time for people looking for less damaging ways to enjoy tobacco.

Types of heated tobacco products

There's a variety of heat-not-burn products out there, each with unique features and designs. Two of the most popular choices are the IQOS devices with HEETS and TEREA sticks and the Ploom X Advanced device with EVO sticks. These products are loved by customers who want to enjoy smoking while reducing the risks linked with traditional cigarettes. Let's dive deeper to understand their potential benefits and drawbacks.

IQOS Devices and HEETS & TEREA Sticks

Philip Morris International has changed the smoking game with IQOS, a new heated tobacco brand. The brand includes the IQOS Originals Duo kit and the Iluma systems that use special HEETS and TEREA tobacco sticks. These sticks are heated, not burned, which supposedly means fewer chemicals and less smell. IQOS comes in different colours and designs, such as the all-in-one format for the Iluma One, and the HEETS and TEREA sticks come in different flavours ranging from citrusy concoctions and menthol mixtures for a customised smoking experience. These products are less harmful as research shows a reduction in damaging substances, which could be better for your health than cigarette smoke. While we need more research, the early results look promising.

Ploom X Advanced Device & EVO Sticks

The Ploom X Advanced Device uses EVO Sticks and HeatFlow technology, and it can be used up to 22 times on a single charge. The goal of this product is to offer tobacco smokers a different choice from traditional cigarettes. The EVO sticks come in a variety of flavours, including fruity fusions and toasty tobacco blends. Users insert the sticks into the device and wait for it to vibrate, indicating it's ready. The kit heats the stick to a maximum of 320°C, producing aerosol vapour instead of smoke. Similar to IQOS or HEETS products, these devices are viewed as potentially less damaging alternatives to traditional cigarettes.

Can heated tobacco products help smokers quit?

There's a lot of talk about heated tobacco products helping smokers quit, as some studies show they work. Yes, some people smoke both traditional cigarettes and heat-not-burn tobacco simultaneously, and there's worry about non-smokers starting to use them. But we should look at the whole picture, especially since promising findings have emerged. Studies have shown that most individuals who switch to these products have been able to completely stop smoking traditional cigarettes.

In the end, the decision to use heat-not-burn products as a smoking cessation aid is a personal one. It's crucial to consider all available evidence and personal circumstances before making this decision. But one thing is clear: for some people, these products have been a helpful tool on their journey to quit smoking.

Is heating tobacco a less harmful alternative to cigarettes?

Heated tobacco products, like heat-not-burn cigarettes, are thought to be less harmful than traditional cigarettes. They contain some of the same ingredients, such as nicotine, but in lower quantities. So, if you're considering using them as an alternative to traditional cigarettes, make sure to do your research first.


This article aimed to delve into the world of heated tobacco products and their potential role in offering a less harmful alternative to traditional cigarette smoking. We took a look at devices like IQOS with their HEETS & TEREA sticks and the Ploom X Advanced Device with EVO Sticks.

Individuals must understand the nuances of heated tobacco solutions to make a well-informed decision. While we are not yet at the point of declaring heated tobacco products as the ultimate replacement for traditional cigarettes, the potential for harm reduction is undeniable. The more knowledge people have about the available options, the better equipped they are to make decisions that best suit their lifestyle and health considerations.


What are heated tobacco sticks made from?

Heated tobacco sticks, unlike traditional cigarettes, are made from specially designed tobacco that is meant to be heated, not burned. These sticks contain a mix of ingredients, including nicotine, glycerin, and propylene glycol, along with various flavourings to enhance the aerosol produced. These flavours range from the classic tobacco and menthol to a variety of fruit options, such as berries and citrus fruit. This allows users to tailor their smoking experience to their personal preferences.

Heat-not-burn vs. vaping - which is more effective?

When we compare heat-not-burn products and vaping, we see they're quite alike. They use many of the same ingredients and give users similar experiences. The main goal of both is to cut down on harmful chemicals from regular smoking.

Heat-not-burn products use real tobacco to deliver nicotine. This gives them a more authentic and familiar feel, which is great for ex-smokers who miss the taste of tobacco. Vaping products, on the other hand, use e-liquid for nicotine. They come in various flavours, perfect for ex-smokers who want to try new tastes. So, both heated tobacco products and vapes have their benefits. Choosing between them is mostly about personal preference.

Where can I buy heated tobacco products?

Heated tobacco products are widely available both online and in physical stores. A multitude of retailers sell these products, one of which is the popular online store, The Electric Tobacconist. They offer a range of brands, including the likes of IQOS and Ploom. Additionally, various brick-and-mortar stores also stock these products, making it convenient for customers to purchase them. However, you must ensure the products are authentic and purchased from reputable sources to guarantee their quality and safety.

Is heat-not-burn bad for you?

If you don't smoke or vape, it's best not to start using heated tobacco products, as they can pose a health risk. But if you're already a smoker, these products can be a less harmful alternative compared to regular cigarettes.

What are the advantages of heat-not-burn?

Heated tobacco products let you enjoy the tobacco taste without smoke, overly potent smell and ash. They also have fewer harmful chemicals than regular cigarettes, so they are less likely to produce damaging chemicals than traditional smoking methods.