Vuse ePod Refills

Vuse ePod cartridges come prefilled with premium Vuse vPro e-liquid. Simply pop a cartridge into your Vuse ePod and inhale for a simple, satisfying and flavour-packed vape.

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VusePro Device Kit
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About Vuse ePod Cartridges

Vuse ePod cartridges, also known as refills, are pre-filled pods that are used with the Vuse ePod 2 and Vuse Pro device. They contain e-liquid and an internal coil, much like your average vape tank. The ePod and its respective refills are designed to be simple and straightforward; you simply need to insert a pod into your device and inhale on the black mouthpiece to activate it. When your pod is empty, it's time to replace it.

Vuse ePods are made with a nicotine salt formula, known as vPro. This modern-day nicotine type makes for a smoother and lighter experience compared to old-school e-liquids and gets to work faster, too, for a more noticeable sensation.

Vuse ePod Cartridge FAQs

How Do I Use Vuse ePod Cartridges?

To install a Vuse ePod cartridge, remove all packaging and slot the pod into your ePod 2 device. From there, you're ready to vape simply by inhaling via the black mouthpiece; there's no need to wait for pods to prime!

What Can I Buy Vuse ePod Refills?

Vuse ePod cartridges are widely available online and in physical stores, including many leading supermarkets. Purchase your ePod refills online for the best deals; our mix & match offer, for example, could save you more than 20% on the high street RRP price.

How Many Puffs Are In A Vuse ePod 2 Cartridge?

Every Vuse ePod cartridge contains 1.9ml of e-liquid, providing roughly 275 puffs in total. This is a fairly low estimate; if you're a user who takes smaller puffs, your ePod cartridges may last even longer.

Can You Refill Vuse ePod 2 Cartridges?

Vuse ePod 2 Cartridges aren't refillable, meaning you can't refill them with your e-liquids. Fortunately, Vuse ePod refills are available in over a dozen flavours, ensuring there's a blend for everyone. The vape juice found in each pod has the ideal formula for use with the ePod device.

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