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Vape Review: A Weekend With The Blu 2.0

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The long-awaited Blu 2.0 is now available for purchase. As a staff member at The Electric Tobacconist, I was lucky enough to get the first dibs on the new device and a selection of Blu 2.0 Pods.

As a long-time vaper and a previous user of the MyBlu, I was excited to see the various upgrades in action and get a feel for the development Blu have put into their 2.0 device. 72 Hours (and a lot of puffs) later, I'm writing this review to help answer your burning questions and give my thoughts on the new release.

Let's dive in!

First impressions

The Blu 2.0 arrives in a compact box, equipped with sleek Blu branding, which slides open to reveal the device. For brand-new users, there's a handy QR code on the side of the packaging which will direct you to the Blu site. The packaging is also recyclable; so far, so good.

Immediately after removing the Blu 2.0 from its box, the difference in quality is already pretty apparent. The device just feels good: the glossy finish is smooth and slightly cold to the touch, emulating the feeling of removing a brand-new smart phone from its box. In hand, the device feels heavier than the MyBlu - this is to be expected given this device is made with metal alloy rather than plastic. It feels robust, sturdy and sleek.

You'll also find a charging cable and an instruction manual in the box; if you're new to Blu, be sure to check out the manual for tips on getting started.

How does it vape?

After a quick initial charge, I readied my first pod: a Berry Mix pod with an 18mg nicotine strength. The pod clicks in seamlessly thanks to the upgraded magnetic mechanism and is held in place well. It even passed the 'Turn upside down and shake vigorously' test; that pod was going nowhere.

Two things struck me while taking my first draw: the smoothness and the silence.

Those who are familiar with older pod systems know that silence isn't exactly a given; it's fairly common for your first draw to be met with a distinct 'pop' as the coil warms up for the first time. My Blu 2.0 was quiet as a mouse from the get-go.

Each draw is also exceptionally smooth; for me, this was the most notable difference from the MyBlu. I experienced absolutely no throat irritation, despite opting for the higher nicotine strength.

All of this is thanks to the new ceramic heater technology. Briefly explained, ceramic coats the wire coil which increases surface area and adds an extra layer of protection between the various elements inside the pod. This makes for a more consistent vape and prolongs the life of the coil, ensuring all of the e-liquid in each pod is vaporised before the coil expires.

How is the flavour?

I tried three of the six available Blu 2.0 pod flavours: Berry Mix, Polar Menthol and Blueberry Ice. I tend to stick to fruit and ice flavours, so this selection seemed like a great place to start.

Overall, the flavours were as advertised: the Berry Mix had a distinctly rich finish, the Polar Menthol was breezy and cool and the Blueberry Ice was crisp and fragrant. Of the three, I found myself switching between the Berry and Polar pods the most, which is made easy thanks to the pop-and-go mechanism. The Polar Menthol Pods had a frosty peppermint aftertaste which really kicked it up a notch.

Blu are historically experts with 'classic' vaping flavours: when it comes to fruit, tobacco and menthol, they know exactly how to get it right.

I kept a few pods in my pocket for a whole evening and saw no signs of leaking, either!

Pod and battery life

One of the more enticing features of the Blu 2.0 is the expanded battery capacity and pod volume. The Blu 2.0 has a 400mAh battery (compared to MyBlu's 350mAh) and pods contain 1.9ml of e-liquid (compared to 1.5ml in MyBlu Pods). This equates to roughly 25% more puffs per pod.

While the Blu 2.0 battery is small compared to some devices on the market, this device uses less power when activated, so operates much more efficiently than most kits.

I readied my Blu 2.0 with a full charge and a fresh pod before a night out. By the morning after, I had about 1/3 of a pod left and my battery was around halfway depleted. You can check your battery level easily using the PowerTap feature: lightly tap the side of the Blu 2.0 device twice and the LED displays a blue, yellow or red light to reflect its current charge.

My device needed to be recharged later in the day - nearly a full 24 hours after the last time. Pretty good going!


Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by the Blu 2.0. It lasted a long time, performed consistently, looks great and has a small but varied range of flavours to keep things new and interesting. I typically use refillable vape kits, so the ability to switch up your pod flavour in seconds was a pleasure. I’d recommend this device for users who value simplicity; given the device uses pre-filled cartridges and inhale activation, the only thing we as users need to monitor is battery level. There’s a lot to be said for a vape that works reliably and effectively without almost any upkeep!


  • Feels expensive and high-quality
  • Modernised look
  • Exceptionally smooth draw
  • Extremely quiet when vaping
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Flavours taste good; particularly Polar Menthol!
  • Pod stays in place well
  • Nicotine salt formula for extra satisfaction


  • Only six flavours (for now!)
  • Doesn't stand up unsupported
  • Only works with USB-C cables
  • Device only comes in one colour