Voom Labs

Offering an exciting new take on vaping, Voom Labs are a new player in the market. The Voom is specially designed to offer a satisfying vape with a deluxe, contemporary design. Explore the range below:

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Voom Device & Charger Kit
Refillable Pods
VoomRefillable Pods
3-Pack | Empty cartridges
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Fruit Multipack Pods
VoomFruit Multipack Pods
3-Pack | For Voom Pod | Double Apple, Ice Strawberry & Ice Watermelon
Was £8.99 | save £2.00From£6.99
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Ice Grape Pods
VoomIce Grape Pods
3-Pack | For Voom Pod
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Ice Mango Pods
VoomIce Mango Pods
3-Pack | For Voom Pod
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Mint Pods
VoomMint Pods
3-Pack | For Voom Pod
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Tobacco Pods
VoomTobacco Pods
3-Pack | For Voom Pod

About Voom Labs

Despite being a new name in the industry, Voom have put themselves at the forefront of the hardware market as we head into 2020. Pod systems are more popular than ever, and Voom have seized this opportunity to offer a brand new take - thus, creating the Voom kit!

Headquartered in Spain, the Voom team is made up of over 175 employees, split between their head office and their dedicated production facility in China. Their research and development team is made up of over 100 minds that are dedicated to building a brand that'll shake up the industry for the better.

Voom aim to make vaping straight-forward and attractive, both in appearance and function. The brand employs a sleek, minimalist design with a contemporary flair, appealing to a wide audience of people including professionals, tech lovers and those with a fondness for neat, tidy designs. Besides this, the brand seeks to streamline vaping by eliminating excessive features; this allows Voom to focus on what really matters: a great vaping experience!

Since joining the market in early 2019, Voom have received multiple awards at various expos and events for their innovative thinking and unique approach to product design.

What's different with Voom?

The Voom is designed to re-imagine what we've come to expect from closed system pod vapes. Unique product features include:

  • Magnetic connectivity; pods lock into place with a satisfying click
  • Ultra-slim & feather-light; more compact than any other pod system
  • Fast recharging; simply click in to the dock and recharge to full in one hour or less
  • Reinforced pods; a leak-proof design that means every pod will last
  • Premium e-liquid; every pod is filled with a carefully tailored nicotine salt formula for a smooth and satisfying vape

Explore the Voom Range

The Voom range includes the popular Voom Starter Kit, the Voom Device and the Personal Charging case. An extensive range of Voom pod flavours are available, incorporating notes of fruit, menthol, tobacco, mint and coffee.

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