Cigalike Starter Kits

Looking for a vape kit that's similar in style and function to a cigarette? Explore our range of cigalike models below!

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Black Friday
Classic Starter Kit
HoxtonClassic Starter Kit
Includes 1 x Tobacco Refill
Was £5.99 | save £4.99From£1.00
Classic Starter Kit
OK VapeClassic Starter Kit
Includes 2 x Refills | Tobacco or menthol
Was £6.00 | save £1.00From£5.00
Tobacco Starter Kit
10 MotivesTobacco Starter Kit
Includes 1 x Refills | Regular Tobacco
Was £9.99 | save £2.00From£7.99
Black Friday
Classic Black Edition Starter Kit
HoxtonClassic Black Edition Starter Kit
Includes 1 x Tobacco Refill
Was £5.99 | save £4.99From£1.00
Essentials Starter Kit
OK VapeEssentials Starter Kit
Includes 1 x Refill | Tobacco or menthol
Was £5.00 | save £2.00From£3.00

What is a Cigalike E-Cigarette?

Cigalike rechargeable electronic cigarettes are the variety of ecigs which look like cigarettes. They are refilled via the 'filter' which is actually a pre-filled chamber containing e-liquid and is usually called a 'cartomizer'. These cartomizers screw into the battery (usually the white part of the eicg) and your device is ready to smoke (or vape, as we say).

The cigarette-style kit is the most common starting place for electronic cigarette converts. Cigarette-style kits represent excellent value for money, are simple to assemble and represent a more comfortable transition from traditional smoking (i.e. with some of the latest versions of the standard starter kit, you can barely tell the difference in terms of feel and taste - eg the 10 Motives Starter Kit).

Not the type of e-cigarette you're looking for? Why not check out our entire vape kit range, or you could always check out our pod mod collection which provide a similar experience to cigarette-style kits.

Common Questions

What is a Cigalike?

A cigalike, or cigarette-style kit, is a vape device that mimics the look and feel of a traditional cigarette and uses replaceable cartomizers/batteries. These devices are the best way to aid people in quitting smoking as the experience is uncannily similar to smoking a real cigarette.

Where Can I Buy Cigalikes?

You can purchase cigalike kits in any supermarket or vape shop; however, buying them online is much more affordable. Here at The Electric Tobacconist, we offer exclusive multi-buy deals on cigalike kits and accessories, cheaper than going to a corner shop or supermarket.

Is There E-liquid In A Cigalike?

Yes, there is e-liquid in the cartomizer of a cigalike. As the cartomizer is closed and opaque, you won’t be able to see the e-liquid or refill it. Cartomizers are designed to be replaced, not refilled.