Riot Bar EDTN Liquids

If you are looking for a punchy, icy, and sweet vaping experience, you might want to check out the Riot Bar EDTN range. This line of e-liquids is inspired by the popular disposable flavours of the Riot Bars, but with more variety and convenience. With 30 flavours to choose from, you can enjoy the taste of fruits, candies, drinks, and more with the Riot Bar EDTN range.
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About Riot Bar EDTN

Discover the Riot EDTN range, a premium collection of e-liquids inspired by the popular disposable flavors of Riot Bars, crafted for an exceptional vaping experience. The Riot EDTN series is a unique lineup of e-liquids that encapsulates the essence of Riot Bars’ most sought-after disposable flavors. Made in the UK, these e-liquids offer a sweet and punchy fusion of tastes, designed to deliver a superior vaping sensation. With 35 distinct flavors available, the Riot EDTN range promises a diverse palette of options, catering to a variety of preferences and ensuring a delightful experience with every puff.

Explore the Riot EDTN Flavour Range

When exploring the Riot EDTN collection, be on the lookout for standout flavors like Blue Raspberry, Mango Peach & Pineapple, and Strawberry MAXX. These best-sellers are celebrated for their vibrant taste profiles and have become favorites among vapers seeking a punchy, icy, and sweet experience. Each flavour is meticulously blended to recreate the joy of the original Riot Bars in a refillable e-liquid format.

Three Riot E-liquid Bar Edtn e-liquids; Banana Kiwi Ice, Blue Raspberry and Menthol Ice, floating in front of a two-toned gradient green background

Why Shop Riot EDTN from The Electric Tobacconist?

When you choose The Electric Tobacconist for your EDTN liquids, you're selecting a trusted and experienced retailer. Established in 2013 as one of the first online vape shops, we've been at the forefront of the industry ever since. Our impressive 98% recommendation rating from over 30,000 reviews on reflects our dedication to customer satisfaction. As registered members of UKVIA, we prioritise industry standards, ensuring top-notch product quality and safety for the user. With over two million successfully shipped orders, we've built a reliable reputation. You can count on The Electric Tobacconist for all your vaping needs!

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